Kat Von D

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Ludwig


Mary Anne M.
Quality Shadows, Good Range of Finishes, Sturdy Packaging, but Color Selection is Nothing New

The eyeshadow quality, color selection, and packaging quality are impeccable.

One thing I seek in palettes, considering being on the go quite often, is a good blend of shimmer and matte eyeshadows in addition to wearable shades. This palette is excellent! It has highly pigmented colors that are soft to the touch and easy to apply. The two darker shades on either side (black on brown) are a little stiffer, which is good since it's easier to control their application. They're also matte, which helps create depth and contrast.

However, these are common shades in drugstore eyeshadow palettes so unless you love the stellar, highly durable packaging, the included mirror and the applicator, there's nothing else absolutely extraordinary about the color selection. Wet n Wild's Color Icon Palette in Comfort Zone is very similar, for a fraction of the price.

If you can get this palette for lower than its recommended price, I highly recommend it! But otherwise you might as well stick to drugstore eyeshadows if you just want the colors, since these are common colors.

Katie C.

I use this almost every day. The colors are extremely pigmented and last all day with primer underneath. I'm more of a browns than green - so clearly one side of the palette gets used WAY more than the other. For the price of the palette it's a little bit of a bummer that one half is only going to be used half of the time. If you see yourself using all of the colors, then go for it. If you only see yourself using the browns or greens, there are other - smaller palettes out there.

Tatiana N.
Very pigmented!

I love the Kat Von D palettes! They're so pigmented with one swipe of your eye shadow brush. I use this palette on a daily basis. I love the neutral shades :)

Official Stina  D.

I have 2 palettes from Kat Von D's line & I love the colors! You can achieve alot of looks with these palettes & they last through out the entire day!

Michelle B.

Love Love Love this palette! I use it almost everyday along with the Truth palette. The black is probably my most used colour in this palette :) good for powdering after liquid liner.

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Laaya A.

This was one of my first eyeshadow pallets and I love it. You can do different things with this... My favorite colors are Orbi, Dimebag, Clay and Tequila. For some reason, I like the light pigments because it just suits me better, especially the greens. I love using Dimebag the most and then use my eyeliner to outline my eye. Overall I like using it, but I would like to try a pallet that doesn't have shimmer in the pigments.

Morena M.

I love this palette! The quality of the eyeshadows is the best of all that I've tried. I especially love the matte brown and black as they are richly pigmented, soft and blend really well.

I like that there are two green shades so this isn't completely a brown, black and tan palette.

I definitely recommend this if you have brown eyes, or if you like the colours. It's definitely worth the money if you don't have anything like it!


Janel B.

All eight colors in this palette are beautiful, pigmented, and soft. You can easily tap your brush in the shadows and a lot of pigments are picked up. Blending is a breeze. However, the palette gets dusty very easily. My favorite color in this palette is Orbi, which is a satin dark navy green color. It's very hard to find an earthy toned green and this color is perfect. My other favorites are Downtown, Baroque, and Leather. Lucifer and Leather are the only matte colors in this palette, so they're nice for the outer v and crease colors. Plus you're not putting satin on frost and looking like a disco ball.

Hannah I.

Great neutral palette and it's so pigmented and super blendable, i would def recommend this to everyone. I've been super impressed by all of her products. :D They are great quality.

Ashleigh W.
I can't get enough.

The colors in this palette are fantastic neutrals that can be used all year long. I love this specific palette I am currently on my third Ludwig palette. The pigmentation is amazing just like the other palettes and the colors don't fade throughout the day. I have had an eyeshadow break but it was easily pressed back into the pan and looks as good as new. Tequila is my go to highlight no matter what look I am going for. Stunning.