Beauty Product Reviews

Love it!

I own the Sweet Heart palette and I love it, especially Sugar Plum. All of the shadows are very pigmented and apply and blend fairly well! I think it's a great palette to get if you are just starting out using brighter colours!

Favourite Top Coat!

I've tried several different top coats and this is, by far, my favourite! I use it every time I paint my nails. I love the thick, plastic-like finish it gives your nails!

Butter Teddy Girl Nail Polish

I bought Teddy Girl polish and it is a gorgeous strawberry milkshake colour which is fully opaque after 2 coats. The only thing that I disliked about the polish was the the brush, I prefer a flat tipped brush like the OPI ones rather than a short rounded one like this!

The 239 brush is the best eyeshadow brush and is a must have for every makeup kit. I used it to apply pressed & loose eyeshadows, nothing packs on colour like it!

Fresco Rose is my favourite paint pot! I love using it under pink eyeshadows such as Swish and Pink Freeze, it really makes them pop. I find some of the paint pots can be quite dry but never found that problem with Fresco Rose!

I really like this product. I've been using every 4 days or so for a few monthes now and my lips are much smoother and softer. I always apply a lip balm straight after. I would definately re-purchase!