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Beauty Product Reviews

Love the shimmer

I don't normally wear lipstick or gloss that has a lot of color, but these are sooo beautiful you just cant help it, I got Cherry on Top and I am in love!!!


I do not prefer this product, the lastw 2 liners I have had, have been VERY hard, hurt to use, and when I tried to sharpen them they just broke. I ended up buying 2 because I thought maybe the first one I got was old or something, but no, the 2nd was the same as the first.

Name says it all!

So far out of all the mascara I have tried, this is one of my all time fave! It goes on easily with out massive clumps and you don't have to keep applying it for maximum lash beauty! Glad to finally have it back in my kit!

Make your lips soft!!!

I love love love EOS, I have almost all scents!!! It makes my lips super soft and doesnt leave an oily feeling on my lips, the flavor is not bad either! I def recomend if you want or need the extra moisture for you lips!!!

does its job!!

I just got this product today, I don't really like using makeup on my face, parts of my face are very dry, some are normal, as well as oily..The texture of this feels oily but is not thank god!! It also seems to be covering my dark circles I get as well as my very red cheeks I tend to get in the winter! This product makes me feel like I am in my summer skin again!!!

Fun and creative

I love this product, I got it for Halloween 2 years ago and tried them out, they go on VERY well and VERY bright, the only down fall, it smudges even after setting the product on your eyes.

Great for highlights

E.L.F Eye Widener is amazing for highlights, it is smooth and blends very well. Also love the built in sharpener in the cap, makes daily makeup application alot easier when you can just cap your product and spin the lid to sharpen it up!

Love the Liner Sealer

I love love love the Liner Sealer on this product, the eye primer is very thick, does not blend well, and colors do not stick well. I don't know if maybe my eye shadows just don't go well with this product, but I am not fond of the eye primer, but the sealer is amazing! I love making my shadows into liner with this product, the ideas and creativity are endless with the liner sealer!

Very smooth & bold

Hard Candy Walk The Line 24 Hour Lash Grow is a very good liquid liner, it is deep black, smooth and the brush is very very precise, only down fall, it makes my eyes burn if I get it to close to the inner corners of my eyes and I also do not notice a change in my lashes. Great for liner, not so much for lash growth.

Bold and beautiful

This palette is very pigmented, a little bit goes a long way! The colors show on your skin as they do in the palette, they also go with just about all my random eyeshadows that I use.