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Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil


Rebecca M.
New and changed for the better!

Around 2007 I tried this product and hated it. The eyeliner was as hard as a rock and hurt your eyes when trying to apply it. I tried this product last year and I was amazed! Really really good. Glides on quickly and smoothly. Has a creamy texture, and looks like you have liquid eyeliner on. It is similar to the Jordana liquid eyeliner pencil and the urban decay 24/7. Definitely try it guys :)

Emily C.

I could not live with out this liner, it always glides on smooth and dries quick without irritating my eyes. I have never used any other eyeliner because nothing matches the price or quality. I have never had any problems with it other than finding it in-stock. I have never tried any color but black.

Amanda H.

I do not prefer this product, the lastw 2 liners I have had, have been VERY hard, hurt to use, and when I tried to sharpen them they just broke. I ended up buying 2 because I thought maybe the first one I got was old or something, but no, the 2nd was the same as the first.