Hard Candy

Ginormous Lash Mascara

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Mya L.
One of my fave.

i saw results in growth, gives me length and volume... and it;s a natural look and doesn't clump! i do add it with other mascaraz just cuz i want more a dramatic look but even with that this mascara is a great mixture with other mascaras...and i don't think i will change that any time soon...

Jenna  E.
No clumps at all!!!

I didn't see any lash growth, but I love this mascara! It doesn't clump my lashes AT ALL! And it comes off easily with water which I really like. :)

Mandy T.
Had Better

This mascara is good, doesn't last all day, makes my lashes "fall" as I use a curler for them. But it goes on good, doesn't clump when I have no left over makeup, makes them look a lot fuller. It works good with false lashes but it makes the fakes clump a lot faster than other mascaras.

Emily K.
Decent mascara, I like it, doesn't make my lashes grow though.

I bought this at walmart a few weeks ago, and I've tried SO many types of mascaras, and honestly they are all similar to me. I'm still trying to find just the right mascara for me. I'm going to try Mac next probably. Anyways! It's a good mascara, it was a bit thick though, it smudged and clumped alot. If you get this, only put a little on, or it will clump up!! the growth serum thats in it, supposedly.. it doesn't work. my lashes are not longer.

Dallas Lynne S.

I got one of these in a kit that came with eyeshadows, eyeliner, and other things and I would have to say I didn't like it. The brush in it was cheap and the formula was too thick, which didn't even stick to my lashes.

Amanda H.
Name says it all!

So far out of all the mascara I have tried, this is one of my all time fave! It goes on easily with out massive clumps and you don't have to keep applying it for maximum lash beauty! Glad to finally have it back in my kit!

bryanna l.

I got this as a sample size in a present I received one year. I fell in love with it. I didn't notice any growth in my lashes, but they did make them nice and full when applied. I plan on buying this when I get the money/go through the other mascaras I have.

Ashlee P.

Smells good, and really does grow your lashes with regular use. I love how it doesn't clump and it separates the lashes without looking too spidery. Beautiful packaging too. I love the mini poster tube like thing it comes in.