Beauty Product Reviews


I am so pleased with this mascara! Its gives me a ton of length and volume! I love the brush because it really separates the lashes, but I'm not a fan of the ball tip on this one. I've tried other mascaras with the ball tip and liked them, but this one catches too much product on it. I just steer clear from that part of the brush when applying, since the other part already does an amazing job separating my lashes alone. Its extremely pigmented and doesn't flake. I don't apply this to my bottom lashes though because it does bleed and takes awhile to dry. I wear false lashes a lot since my lashes are sparse and they also grow down wards. With that being said, I really appreciate a mascara that can give me length and especially hold a curl! This mascara does exactly that. I've tried many mascaras that look great at first, but once dry my lashes fall flat. Not this one! It holds the curl all day! Overall, great mascara and a must have for me!

New favorite for summer!

I'm a bit hesitant when it comes to CC creams and products that promise a bunch of things in one, but this foundation is spectacular! Lets start with the many great oils in this one that your skin will love! The lemon scent is very pleasing and refreshing. Hyaluronic acid to keep the skin hydrated (my personal favorite hydrator). And for my favorite SPF 50! Boom! Not only a high SPF but also a physical sunscreen only that means this will be great for sensitive peeps too! The coverage is medium for me and tricky to build up. I did NOT like using this with a Beauty Blender as it soaked up most of the product. It applies best with their flat complexion brush or with your fingers. The product comes out kind of grayish but when blended in, its a perfect match. It gives my skin the perfect amount of glow, but on oily skin you might have to powder a bit. I hope they come out with more shades, because sometimes it's tricky finding the right shade. Overall, I love this product for summer because it's lightweight and has a great SPF!

Not my favorite lash primer, but great ingredients

I'm usually not a fan of lash primers, only because they weigh my lashes down. This primer did that exactly. At first it gave me some length, but as it dried my lashes fell flat. I tried applying another mascara on top and it just made it worse. The cherry on top of it all is the packaging...the longer end is actually the brush and shorter end is the product. I don't understand the logic, it's a bit deceiving if you ask me. I would use this on a light makeup day though because it did give me some definition and the only thing I did like is the ingredients. The peptides and collagen in this product are great conditioners for the lashes and don't contain harmful gunk.

My new favorite brow product!

Ahh! Finally a universal brow pencil that really is universal! I love this brow pencil. If you're looking for something quick and easy, or maybe not sure what brow shade you are, I would go with this!! Right now my hair is really dark but I have chunks of silver/gray on the ends. I wanted a pencil that wasn't warm but wasn't completely cool, after trying multiple shades this one came along and changed the game! It has a slight taupe undertone yet a hint of warmth. I can't explain the color in just one tone, which I think is the whole point! I love the fact its based on how much pressure you apply. Sometimes i'm going for a softer look and I love that I don't have to go out any buy a new pencil for that! Just be careful not to make one eyebrow darker than the other ha! That has happened to me, I guess I just have a heavier hand on my left side :p but its nothing extremely noticeable anyway! Overall, great product and easy to use!

Coverage is everything!

When I first played with this concealer, my first impression was "this is super thick not everyone is going to like this." That weekend I had some prom makeup to do and I gave this concealer a shot! First of all, the coverage is superb! Second, once its warmed up on the skin its thins out especially under the eyes. Now I'm in love! I used a corrector with this, but honestly it covers and neutralizes on it's own perfectly. I noticed the lighter shades have pink undertones which I was okay with. I use a yellow brightener anyway, but it would be nice to see some more shades in the concealer in the future! I found it creased without a powder but extremely minimal. Also, be mindful of how much product you're using with this bad boy. Too much and you'll be a creasy, thick mess! Overall I absolutely love this product and the brand in general. I appreciate amazing makeup with AMAZING ingredients too!

Note: I am in the shade Light for under my eyes, but love neutral medium for blemishes!

Natural coverage

The sculpting pencil is extremely natural but, like all their 'stix', the consistency is very pleasing. It lightweight yet build able. I wouldn't say its matte, but close! I like the highlighting side for under neath the brows to give the brows a lift. I would say the contour side is more of a bronzer. I think of gray and neutral browns when I think of contour. But, I must keep in mind the creators for these products are targeting more of the everyday, natural and minimal consumers. Overall great for a flush of color without over doing it and convenient packaging!

Best Blendable Creme Shadows

What I like most about these cream shadows is how easily they blend. The consistency is gel-like but blends out to a silky cream texture which I love. The best part about it all is how the pigmentation still stays true after the blending and application. I absolutely can't stand a cream eyeshadow that basically disappears after blending it out! They stay put all day by themselves and also as a base for more shadow. I like to layer these on top of shadows as a beautiful 'pop'!