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There are Better, Cheaper Drugstore Primers

It might just be me, but I thought this product was a waste of my money. I have oily skin, and this felt so thick on it and made me feel like I was adding grease to my face. It left parts of my face feel smoother, but I also felt like it left me looking lighter, which as a dark skinned girl I don't appreciate. The other major issue was that I didn't feel like it did anything to keep my foundation on longer. For me, this was overpriced and didn't work. My Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer in the Ultra Light formula is cheaper, and works much better for my skin. I do not recommend this.

Fun, easy to use color!

I got my first one of these a few weeks ago in the color Park Avenue Pink, which is a really lovely shimmery pink color. I was surprised by the applicator, as it's a little different than most. The almost rubbery material felt cool against my lips, and it gave me the perfect amount and was super helpful in spreading the product. When I first unscrewed the cap, I was amazed at home incredible the product smelled. I believe each one has a slightly different smell, I have three and they are all fruity but not necessarily the same. The staying power isn't fantastic, but that might be because I like to eat it off. It does taste good, after all. But even when I'm not eating it off, it does need to be reapplied more often than say, the Revlon Super Lustrous. However, they are about half the price of the super lustrous, depending on where you buy. They also have a very nice pigment, that is super buildable. It's not sticky or gloppy in any way, just smooth and easy to work with. I love these!

Incredible, Bold, Shockingly Awesome Color

I picked up one of these in the shade "Babe" on a whim not too long ago. Since then, it has taken every ounce of my willpower not to go back. The color pigmentation is insane, and it does have a nice glossy finish. There was also a bit of a tingly reaction, so I'm wondering if the type I got was a newer plumping version. The other thing about this, is that at least the one I got actually stained my lips a little bit. Which I'm totally okay with, and in some ways it makes this product better. I am without a doubt going back and getting every other color. This product is so incredible, especially for the price. I haven't tried the Milani version which I know this is compared to a lot, but it is far better than the NYX and e.l.f. pencils I've tried.

My Favorite Everyday Shadows

My quad in Chai Latte was one of the first quads I ever bought. I am still wearing it, using at least one color from it every single day. I bought the one I have about three or four years ago, and I've just hit pan on two of the colors this month. I literally have no negatives for these palettes. It's so convenient, the colors are highly pigmented, and you can create a number of different looks from just those four colors. The range is incredible, from everyday barely-there makeup to dramatic smokey eyes. The quads have changed their layout since I bought mine, but I look forward to buying backups :) Amazing product, definitely more than worth the price!

Nice Color but Some Minor Problems

I have this product in Midnight Blue and the purple one (I'm not sure of the name). I've been using this for a long time, and it hasn't dried out on me. It still gives really nice color and is creamy enough. It is quite expensive for a drugstore cream liner, so I'm not sure how long I'll keep getting it. It does flake after a while, and the brush that comes with it is absolute trash. It works best when I work my brush into it for a minute, otherwise it isn't as smooth. I use a pointed eyeliner brush when I do use it, or I will use my fingers and use it as a base. The synthetic fiber works really well with it, and it doesn't stain my brush. Overall, it's okay. I might buy it again for the color, but only if it's on sale. In the picture, the liner is on the upper lash line. It has been set with and eyeshadow, but the color is accurate.

The Best Acne Lotion I've Used

I first got this product, at least four years ago. I've tried a number of other acne lotions since then, because for a while I thought it was discontinued. However, as soon as I saw it in Walmart, my heart exploded with joy because I was so excited I could use it again. This is a lightweight lotion that doesn't make my oily skin overly greasy. I use it as a daily moisturizer as well as a part of my night time routine. I notice that my acne clears significantly while I'm using this, even if I'm not using any other ance treatments. It's the perfect balance of gentle medicine that really works and light moisture. The only issue one might have is that it doesn't have the greatest smell. However, it works so well I could care less about that. I will use this product as long as it exists.

Some of my favorite shadows of all time.

I love this palette! It's so cheap, but so incredibly pigmented! The crease color on the left side is one of my favorite colors of all time. It's an almost black blue with blue glitter, and it's gorgeous. My only issue is, the shadows are ridiculously soft. Especially my favorite one. While traveling, my palette of this was ruined because my favorite shadow completely shattered, exploding and coating all the other shadows in the palette. The others were somewhat salvageable, and I still use them from time to time but I bought another one to make up for it. Luckily, they're only about $5 each, so it wasn't a ton of lost money. On the new one, that color is so powdery that when I use it, a light dusting of it tends to get on the eyelid color on top of it. But regardless, it works and the other colors are just as beautifully pigmented. Overall, I would say it's more than worth the $5 but you have to be careful.

One of my favorites of all time!

I have honestly, NEVER used a pencil eyeliner that is as good as this one. I have darker skin, and thus many black eyeliners that look relatively black on lighter skin tones, look gray on me. This eyeliner was not one of those. It is the most opaque, beautiful black I have ever used, and it's so smooth and easy to work with. It also stays so well on my waterline, I wasn't even expecting that. It's the only pencil that I feel comfortable using as a base for other eye shadows, or even for use on my upper and lower lash lines as well as the water line. It just blends so nicely and is so pigmented. 100% recommend this eyeliner. Everyone should try it out, it's amazing.

Ridiculously fun to play with

I am obsessed with these pencils. They're so amazingly priced, and the are so incredibly high quality. The pigmentation in them is so great, and yet they're so blendable and buildable. I have 6 of them, in Milk, Black Bean, French Fries, Pacific, Purple Velvet and Cottage Cheese and they're all wonderful. I'm excited to get some of the newer ones, like Electric blue. You definitely need a base if you want to wear them without shadow over it. If you wear it with shadow over, it depends on your skin type. I tend to have slightly oily lids, and if I have a more simple eye look I can get away with just the shadow over the jumbo pencil and no primer. I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves to have fun with color and cream shadows. So great!

Great Cream Blush for the Price!

I am so happy I was able to buy one of these blushable creme sticks. It has a very nice pigmentation, goes on really smoothly, and doesn't feel oily on my skin. I have naturally oily skin, so I don't like it when a product is too thick and makes me feel like I've got extra stuff on my face. But this product didn't do any of that. I have it in "Berry New Yorker" which is-as the name says-a great berry color. Now, the pigmentation isn't the greatest of all time by any means, but it is nice for a light flush of color or as a base. And, because it's a cream product, I don't see it just fading away super fast. I doesn't melt of my face, especially when I set it with another base. But it's a great product and definitely a standout for it's price.

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