Color Truth Cream Eyeliner


Arettlsar T.

I have the Teal shade and it is a very good color it brings out the green in my hazel eyes that are mostly green. I love the bold look it gives me as I wear it on my eye lids. I say it was a good buy and very well at that. Teal is one of my favorite colors and this is my favorite eyeliner to wear.

Joanna M.
GREAT Pigment

I love this eyeliner! It's very smooth and easy to blend, with great color! My only complaint would be about the brush that came with it; the hairs are too stiff and it hurts my eyelid, but I just use my own brush n__n About the flaking issue a couple of other people have mentioned, I just dampen my brush a little bit and I don't have that issue. Overall a great buy!

Felicia S.
Love Love Love

This is a fantastic cream eyeliner formula. It is extremely thick and highly pigmented, just as the HIP line from L'Oreal is advertised to be. I love the consistency and the way it feels when it's applied. If smudged, it can be very difficult to remove (use concealer for smudged/messy makeup!) because the pigmentation is so intense. Just apply it slowly and it should be fine. I like to use my Avon ergonomic eyeliner brush when using this product, and not the little brush that comes in the box. The little one is a bit too spiky for me and pokes my eyelid :P But the formula is great. A little expensive, but it is very good. A cheaper dupe is the Wet N Wild cream eyeliner, but I haven't been able to find that anywhere but online lately...

Jessica F.
Good but could use some improvements.

I agree with Hayne, it is a good product but it can flake and get into the eyes. The colors are fantastic and can be brightened up with a hit of eyeshadow on top of the liner while its still setting. You would be better off springing for the Tarte version of this instead.

Hayne P.
Kind of like it but...

I like the product, but at the same time I feel meh about it. It tends to flake and irritate my eyes, and on top of the it dries a little too fast for my liking. Pigmentation is great though! I can't use this on my waterline, and I guess I'm applying too much, because it tends to crumble on application.

On the other hand, it's really easy to use, and I'll continue buying it. I think the price is good, and I can deal with some inconveniences until I get the courage to buy more expensive cream eyeliner.

brenda ivette v.

i LOVE love love this eyeliner! i glides on so smoothly giving a creamy look. goes on super dark. it dries fast & lasts. perfect for winging your eyeliner! even comes with a little applicator brush.

Lissette B.

I like this product. The pigmentation is great. I own the green one but can't remember the name. The only problem I have with this is that I feel like I need to get a lot of product on the brush for it to apply smoothly. That or I need to move the brush around the jar a lot in order to make the liner a little smoother (kinda like when you see people "warm up" shadesticks with their hands). If I don't do that, then I find myself dipping in the jar a lot. But when all the conditions are just right (LOL) it applies like a dream. Some people have indicated that this products flakes but I honestly haven't noticed that. It lasts all day without a problem. It might be a little on the pricey side for a drugstore brand but the pigmentation on some of these makes certain colors worth it. I got the green because its the only shade of green that I've seen that is pretty (at least for my taste). Overall, not a bad product to have if you don't mind the $10 price tag.

Cindy G.
love 'em!

I actually have all of these and I had no idea lol. The one I use the most is the black one but I recently started using the other ones because the colors are gorgeous!! :)

Abigail N.
Nice color...not so nice product

Although I've been using and loving my Maybelline cream eyeliner, I decided to give this a try because it was on sale and I had additional coupons. When I tried to apply the color (fresh out the box) it was dry and difficult to apply. I didn't even think about using the brush it came with, it seemed like it would scratch my eye up too much! I would apply the product with an angled eyeliner brush and it dragged and pulled and was thick. Maybe I got a bad/old box that should've been tossed out but based off my experience I wouldn't use this again. I did love the color!

Renee R.
Photo of product included with review by Renee R.

This is the only eyeliner I use and I absolutely love it. I only found it to flake on my bottom lash line, but only after long use. A trick I use is to apply some black eyeshadow with a flat angled brush over the area I applied the eyeliner. It glides effortlessly and it's not as messy as liquid eyeliner.. and I HATE liquid eyeliner lol but yeah ..I love it.

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