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Beauty Product Reviews

A saviour

My skin in recent months/years has become an ever changing mess. Over the last year it has made the slow transition from an oil slick to dehydrated at best. This meant practically all my products for my face needed changing. I used to rely on the original setting spray that UD came out with to keep my face in place but I've since moved to this

What can I say? It works. I notice the difference in how long my make-up stays put for if I don't use it and more importantly it gives my skin a dewy finish it wouldn't have if I didn't spray it. I also use it on my brush when I get dry patches that even my moisturiser and foundation can't help! Great product.

I have just ran out...

I loved this product. I used it everyday for years, ever since I started wearing make-up. I'm not even exaggerating when I say it's the only under eye product I've ever used more than 2-3 times. It breaks my heart you can't get it any more! When I heard it was going to be discontinued to I ran out to a local store and picked up 3 containers and I have just ran out in the last month! I've no idea what to replace it with... the search begins!

Like my favourite... but Matte!!

I don't like overly glittery eye shadows. Actually, the more accurate phrase would be 'I never USED to like' overly glittery eye shadows. While I have become slightly warmer to them, this palette arrived at a time were all I wanted in life was a decent matte eye shadow set from my favourite ever eye shadow maker. I got my wish. It was like Urban Decay read my mind! The colours in here are fantastic and I can wear them several different ways to make a fantastic natural eye look for everyday of the week. To bring them into night-time looks, I simply use my Naked 2 palette and glitter it up. Sorted.

Believe the Hype!

Urban decay eyeshadows already hold a place in my heart so it is to no surprised that I truly adored this pallet. I've had it for well over a year already and I have yet to even remotely touch pan even though I used it almost daily. I got a brush with mine and a mini-primer potion, both came in uber useful. The brush is actually fantastic for applying a base shadow!

These eyeshadows blend beautifully, stay on all day and work for natural and dramatic looks. Perfect!

Stops a break out in its tracks!

I don't know if this is just me but this stings me SO BAD when I first put it on. The first 60seconds makes my eyes nearly water but after that it becomes completely comfortable and does a great job. My skin doesn't look irritated after and my break outs always stop in their tracks if I put it on when I feel my skin about to go crazy. I hate mint, so I am *not* fond of the smell, but the other versions don't seem to work as well on my pores.

Highly recommended.

So Brilliant!!

I absolutely adore this!

I bought it quite recently because I wanted a no hassle foundation that was quick and looked natural. My skin has been really dry all winter and it has only recently been going back to 'normal' once I am finished cleansing/moisturising it. I have a few dry patches still but this doesn't cake on them like other people say.

My only fault is that the colour is slightly darker than what I normally use, but it looks so natural that people keep asking me if I got a tan!!

It is great on and actually lasts all day - I can see that coming into Summer I will probably need the matte version cause my skin gets oily but I can't complain about this at the minute!

This is also the first foundation that I have tried in some time that has not felt heavy, made me oilier/dryer when I put it on and broke me out - result!

A mirror is a mirror right?

Well yeah, I needed a mirror that could be simply shoved into my gym bag and I didn't need to worry about getting broke or looking nice since I was only really using it at my locker.

It did the trick. It has a normal one and a magnifying one (which I always hate because I never know which one is which offhand and find myself always looking at the wrong one!).

It's not pretty and it is not really well made. After only about 2 months it broke in half and then a few months after that I was down to only the magnifying one because the other one smashed after the glue came loose and it fell out of the plastic bit.

This is simply a cheap as chips mirror that didn't last too long (even though it wasn't really handled roughly and I only used it a few times each week!) but at the price you pay, you can't fault it (apart from its ugliness.)

I like this brush but I find that it is packed too tightly and makes my concealer go slightly streaky.

It is very, very silky smooth/soft and it does pick up a lot of product but I didn't particularly like working with it.

I also like my brushes to be multi-purpose for travelling and saving space but I couldn't do anything with this apart from a liquid/cream concealer.

This shed so much that on occasion when I was testing it out I had to use tweezers to take the hairs of my face.

I thought it was because I didn't wait long enough for my foundation to set and maybe some of the moisture from my face/foundation was going into the brush and making it shed but a good brush shouldn't be like that.

I also gave it a few chances in case it was only the first couple of times (I've had brushes in the past that needed simply a brush through and then didn't shed again.) but no, it continued to shed.

It also felt really badly made and the handle shook.

I didn't even wash it because I threw it out first, but I darn't think of how bad it would of shed then!

The most useless brush ever.

When I bought this I had high hopes that this would be a slightly soft but still stiff brush that would be great for smudging.

What I got instead was a really, really, really hard brush that tugs on the eye area when you try to blend with it. I don't even have another use for it as it is literally useless.

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