Sleek Makeup

Original i-Divine Palette


Huda A.
Brilliant colors

I love this palette. It is surprisingly pigmented. the Pricing is very very reasonable. It has one of the most beautiful purple colors ever. the blues & greens & excellent too. I also love the matte black color. It's is very shimmery though :), I would have preferred it less shimmery :D

Fiona H.
Excellent eyeshadows if you are on a budget!

Sleek eyeshadow is great if you are looking for makeup on a budget! As a makeup artist I love to find great makeup for a bargain. These eyeshadows have a good pigment and I love the 'Original' palette.

The Lifeaholics B.
Photo of product included with review by The Lifeaholics B.

Say hello to my new love: the Sleek Original Palette! I just got this palette and the Storm palette and I’m impressed with the quality of both of them (but today I’m just going to show you the Original one). The colors are so beautiful, all of them have shimmer except for the black one that is matte and the pigmentation of all of them is great. The consistence is a little bit on the powdery side, but I didn’t have any fallouts when applying the colors. Although the size seems to be a lot smaller than a MAC eyeshadow, the Sleek eyeshadows have 1,1 g and the MAC 1,4, so there isn’t that much of a difference. I also really loved the packaging because it’s not cheap looking and it’s very compact. The palette has also a mirror so it’s great for travelling, you just need one palette and you have a lot of colors and a mirror. It came with a sponge applicator but I don’t use them and I took it away before I took the photos…sorry!

The price was 8,50 € for all the 12 eyeshadows, you can’t beat that price!