Beauty Product Reviews

Great blush for your buck!

I bought this, calling myself trying to love a NYX product, and I definitely love it! It's incredibly pigmented, so I must use it sparingly, but it is perfect for the days I want a more dramatic look! Love that it is so easy on my wallet!

Unexplainable staple!

Its actual purpose, I don't know, but I love using it for my wet/dry eyeshadow application and when I accidentally over powder. If I think I look like I'm wearing foundation, at all, a quick spray does the trick and it doesn't cause my makeup to slide about. Considering buying the To Go bottle!

Favorite eyeshadow primer, to date!

I started out using UDPP and was fine with that, for awhile, but when I heard good things about Shadow Insurance, I had to try it! I have VERY oily lids and work in a VERY hot night club. My shadow stays put, all night, with no creasing or anything! It will always be my go to primer!

Great finish! Bad ending :-(

I bought this product because I was so excited at the idea of MAC releasing a BB cream. I did find out, before buying, that it wasn't a BB cream, it was a primer, but it still peaked my interest and I bought it. It's a pinkish beige like color that they claim is kind to a large variety of skin tones. I am not very dark and it looked terribly ashy on me. Used with my OCC Tint, it was well covered, though, and the finish was porcelain doll quality. Unfortunately, after extended use (once to twice a week, for a month and a half), it caused serious breakouts. I never have breakouts and haven't had one since I stopped using it. WAY harsh on the face. Sucks I still have most of the tube. $30 down the drain!

Completely Won Over!

I never thought that a sponge would make such a difference!! It makes me look airbrushed and there is absolutely no streaking! Application under my eyes has never been so EASY! I am SOLD and I will definitely be buying more!

Quick brow maintenance!

I bought this, last week, because I couldn't go get my eyebrows done. I had LASIK surgery and didn't want anyone coming that close to my eyes until they fully healed. I tried this wax kit after having NEVER waxed my own brows before. It required no heat and I was able to get rid of the evil strays in a matter of minutes. I'm gonna always have one of these kits on hand. It's an absolute necessity!

Lazy day at school go to balm!

I own this in two shades and I use them almost daily! It's a moisturizing color that is perfect for any day! I throw my hair in a ponytail, put on eyeliner and slick this on for quick make up on a school day. I definitely recommend this!!

I will never love another shadow the same!!

I have fallen madly in love with Inglot palettes! They are affordable, very pigmented, blendable and beautiful! There are now three in my area and a newly launched shopping area, on the website! They are the only place I will go for eye shadow palettes! I attached a pic of my round 20 palette cause i couldn't find my square 10 pics!

Everyday product!

I literally use this everyday, as a blush. It gives the perfect amount of color and lasts all day. I have worn it on my lips and it was gorgeous.

Cute design with no effort!

I love that I can have unique nails and not have to put in a whole lot of work! A coat on top of a bright color makes for a really nice look! I love!!