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Everyone always raves so highly about these...and I can understand why! The only problem is that sometimes the color distribution isn't great. I'm not sure how to explain it but for the color R.S.V.P. (a pinkish champagne) even if you put a lot of product on your finger, when you apply it onto your eye the color only concentrates on one area. And it's easy to over blend. However, all in all, it's a good product and I like it. I'm not going to repurchase just because it's a tad expensive :)

Perfect for spring! Flirty, Girly and Feminine

This is my FAVORITE fragrance! It lasts all day long and its great for energizing in the morning! This scent wakes me up with the floral notes and I love how feminine it is! In addition it's not overbearing, it's light and great for spring. I would highly recommend this fragrance for floral lovers. Also if you are in school because often times perfume isn't allowed. However since this is so light and fresh I'm sure that won't be an issue :)

"Something Special" is truly special!

Hey ladies! Since MAC has relaunched their creme blushes, the formulations have been improvised to exceed the previous already stellar results! In the past, they were a bit oily and didn't last quite all day. However, since the relaunch these are definitely amazing! The color Something Special is great - it gives a nice bright peachy look to the cheeks. The great thing is this looks good on tan girls! Youtubers tend to be lighter and pale - so if any tan gals need to find a beautiful shade, this will work for you (: The consistency is amazing, the formulation is great. Apply a face powder and not even a blush and it'll last!

xoxo, Joyce

Okay nude for medium/darker skin!

Hey girls! For ladies that are sandy colored or around a medium/tan skin tone this a great lipstick! Just make sure you try it on before jumping on it, because it can be too nude if you're a bit darker and can wash you out. I'm really tan and this can be overbearing if I apply too much, so that's the only pitfall. However, it's a great color and if you're lighter than this would be a very pretty nude as well. The formulation is great, and so that's the great part about the lipstick!

One of my all time favorite scents!

At first, I thought that this was totally hyped. I also thought that Juicy Couture was a bit juvenile, something a twelve year old would wear. Boy, was I wrong. I took one sniff at Sephora, and immediately without any reluctance purchased it. The scent it is to die for, and compared to the regular Juicy Couture Juicy Couture scent, this one much more for a younger age. Not as sophisticated as expected, but very fun, innocent and girly.

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I use it everyday!

This set was absolutely worth every last penny! It was $49 and includes all the basics, especially if you are just starting out with makeup. 15 eyeshadows are get your neutrals, your fun colors, and then those very beautiful metallics. Also a primer, a gloss, a bronzer and a blush! It's amazing that you get so many items, at such a low price. This sadly isn't on the Sephora site anymore, but I think if you ran to Sephora toady, there is still a chance that they still have them. Lots of things are pulled off the site, that are still in stores (at least in mine).

My favorite colors are In The Buff (Matte white, great browbone highlight), Teddy Bear and Velvet Revolver (:

I didn't get this yet, but I wanted to update you guys!

Thanks to the WONDERFUL people here on Beautylish I actually found out that Sephora's Naked Palette is IN STOCK! Just go to <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a> and you can get it! I actually stopped checking every day to see if this was in stock, and I didn't see that it was until someone on this site informed me (: So if you haven't picked this up, I recommend getting it soon...before it sells out again!

Gorgeous Color Combination!

I really like the Time for Wine set. I have a couple of these (around five or six) and this one is something I find myself using a lot. The pink color is great for the browbone and the coppery brown is awesome for the crease and outer corner. I don't think anyone uses the applicators, that it comes with...or at least I don't. I like using my higher quality brushes, which really stretch these colors. Using a good primer will help them last longer and prevent creasing, since they are a bit chalky. They aren't the most pigmented but using a good primer will definitely intensify the colors. Overall I would highly recommend them..considering they are only five dollars each!


These eyeshadows were so inexpensive that I couldn't help but to snag a few! I feel like they are really nice and creamy, and they really remind me of Stila's eyeshadows. The glittery colors seem to have a bit more fallout, but not to the point where it is unbearable :) I really like this and I would recommend them if you just need a few colors to add to your collection.

Not the most pigmented!

I have many of these and I love them! However I find that Lavender fields really lacks in pigmentation... I don't see that in Enchanted Forest nor Chai Latte.. The colors are really nice, but even with UDPP I feel like they hardly show up

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