Expert Eyes Eye Shadow Quad


Andrea P.
Smokey Smokes

I have this in the smokey eyeshadow look. The colors are GORGEOUS! and very pigmented. I love love love it! definitely recommend. The silver and taupe-y color are one of a kind.

Angel F.
bang for your buck

this is great for those getting starting with makeup and budget conscious gals. The eyeshadow goes on smooth and blends well, its pigmented and the colors really pop especially when you use it with primer. This is perfect for regular daytime looks and you can amp it up later on for night outs! small and compact, very easy to bring with you for reapplication.

Mandy H.
Great drugstore quad!

I really like these quads especially the smokey eyes collection! They give off great pigmentation and it's great for beginners because it shows you the steps on how to a achieve looks using the palette. The only complaint I would have is that in the smokey eyes collection there isn't much matte shades as I would like them to have and there's a little bit of fall out but other then that, Maybelline Expert Eye Shadow Quads are definitely something worth checking next time you're on a hunt for a drugstore brand eyeshadow quad!

Brittney V.

LOVE IT! Makes for a quick and easy look. The colors match accordingly, are pigmented, and last. Perfect for throwing in your purse or taking with you on vacation if you choose not to bring your entire eye shadow collection!

Douatchi V.
Must haves....

I have i think all but 2 of these quads. I love them!! I think they are one of the best drugstore eyeshadows there are out there that you can get pretty much anywhere from Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, your local grocery store! I mean I love products like ELF/NYX but they are not always the easiest to find. These are pretty pigminted for drug store brand. And if your like me and get them when they are BOGO they are even cheaper!!! I use them pretty much everyday, especially Mocha Motion this is my blending quad. I use it to help blend and finish off my eyeshadows. The only down fall is i do have some quades were 3 e/s's are very pigminted and one not so much...but for the most part they are great! and great for beginners!

Ashley B.
expert eyes takes the prize

PROS: I love buying quad eyesadows because you get four colors that you can either use all together or mix-n-match. Maybelline, in my opinion, has the best drugstore eyeshadow. These quads are $5, which is absolutely the best deal you will be able to find with the quality of this product. The pigmentation is amazing, as well. I recommend these quads for anyone who is a beginner with eyeshadows and smokey eyes, because this product comes with step by step instructions for the best results. I use "Time For Wine" and "Sunlit Bronze".

CONS: You do have to use a primer for this product to make the colors strong enough for a dramatic effect. The brushes that come with this eyeshadow are really awful, they don't do any good, and they're cheap, so you really have to have your own brushes in order for these to work.

Angela V.

Like the last review I did.. These are the types of eye shadows I like to buy... The quads.. so you can have 4 colors all in a similar color shades. These are the types of shadows that help make great smokey eyes.. And the best part of these are they are affordable.

Anna F.

If you have just begun to play with the idea of a smokey eye, this is a great way to start. These quads are very inexpensive ($4-$6), and tell you where to put each color. The pigmentation is pretty decent, but would be much more intense with a good primer.

Raychel C.
Great for the lady on-the-go.

I love using these quads in neutral colors for everyday looks when I'm in a rush. The smokey eyes collection is amazing. Great for beginners seeing as it has instructions and a diagram on the back showing where to apply the shadow. The only problem that I've had with them is fall out but, that's easily fixed with some loose powder.

Joyce S.
Gorgeous Color Combination!

I really like the Time for Wine set. I have a couple of these (around five or six) and this one is something I find myself using a lot. The pink color is great for the browbone and the coppery brown is awesome for the crease and outer corner. I don't think anyone uses the applicators, that it comes with...or at least I don't. I like using my higher quality brushes, which really stretch these colors. Using a good primer will help them last longer and prevent creasing, since they are a bit chalky. They aren't the most pigmented but using a good primer will definitely intensify the colors. Overall I would highly recommend them..considering they are only five dollars each!