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Expert Eyes Eye Shadow Quad


Ashley B.
expert eyes takes the prize

PROS: I love buying quad eyesadows because you get four colors that you can either use all together or mix-n-match. Maybelline, in my opinion, has the best drugstore eyeshadow. These quads are $5, which is absolutely the best deal you will be able to find with the quality of this product. The pigmentation is amazing, as well. I recommend these quads for anyone who is a beginner with eyeshadows and smokey eyes, because this product comes with step by step instructions for the best results. I use "Time For Wine" and "Sunlit Bronze".

CONS: You do have to use a primer for this product to make the colors strong enough for a dramatic effect. The brushes that come with this eyeshadow are really awful, they don't do any good, and they're cheap, so you really have to have your own brushes in order for these to work.

Joyce S.
Gorgeous Color Combination!

I really like the Time for Wine set. I have a couple of these (around five or six) and this one is something I find myself using a lot. The pink color is great for the browbone and the coppery brown is awesome for the crease and outer corner. I don't think anyone uses the applicators, that it comes with...or at least I don't. I like using my higher quality brushes, which really stretch these colors. Using a good primer will help them last longer and prevent creasing, since they are a bit chalky. They aren't the most pigmented but using a good primer will definitely intensify the colors. Overall I would highly recommend them..considering they are only five dollars each!

Christina L.
Don't waste $5!

The pigmentation of these is pretty awful. The only color that showed up pretty good was the pale off white one. The other ones barely show up. I have tried other Maybelline eye shadows and they all had horrible pigmentation. I wouldn't waste the $5...I would spend less money and go with the new Wet & Wild palettes. Their color pigmentation is incredible! I couldn't believe Wet & Wild made eye shadows that incredible.