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  • Is Mixing Skin Care Products Dangerous?

    Is Mixing Skin Care Products Dangerous?

    Do you mix and match different brands of cleansers, scrubs, serums, and sunscreens? Be careful! Blending skin care products can cause breakouts. Keep reading as we reveal the do’s and don'ts of skin care cocktailing.

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  • The $7,000 Facial and More Celeb Skin Care Splurges!

    The $7,000 Facial and More Celeb Skin Care Splurges!

    Award season is in full swing! In addition to swanky soirées, couture gowns, and jaw-dropping jewels, celebrities will be indulging in lavish skin care treatments so they look flawless on the red carpet. Keep reading as we reveal the best—and most expensive!—pampering sessions on the globe. Plus, see how you can win an incredible prize from L’Oréal Paris!

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  • Beautylish Befores and Afters

    Beautylish Befores and Afters

    Embracing your inner beauty is easier said than done, but with the help of our Beautylish team and amazing Beauties like you, our editorial team takes the plunge and bares all to show everyone that we are proud of who we are, even without a stitch of makeup.

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  • Cutting Calories on Halloween Candy

    Cutting Calories on Halloween Candy

    Halloween is lots of fun, but breaking out, feeling bloated, and overindulging in sugar isn't so good for you! We spoke with Kim Kardashian’s nutritionist to find out which candy is the healthiest to eat.

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  • What's in Your Eye Cream?

    What's in Your Eye Cream?

    Beauties, have you ever wondered what the difference is between eye creams, or what they're actually made of? It's always good to know more about what you're putting on your face, so we did some background checks on the common ingredients in eye creams to find out what they actually do for your skin and why they’re there.

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  • The Best Shoe and Pedicure Combinations
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    The Best Shoe and Pedicure Combinations

    Choosing the right nail polish to complement your shoes can sometimes be difficult. Do hot pink toes really go with silver stilletos? We show you our favorite combinations.

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  • Should You Switch To A Serum?

    Should You Switch To A Serum? 

    Ever tried a treatment serum? They're more concentrated than skin creams and contain a plethora of anti-aging ingredients. Here are our Top 3 picks.

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  • Chanel's New Les Jeans de Chanel Nail Polishes

    Chanel's New Les Jeans de Chanel Nail Polishes

    Chanel has released three new nail polishes inspired by denim! The new colors will be released on September 8 at Fashion's Night Out. Keep reading to find out more.

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  • Back To School Survival Kit
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    Back To School Survival Kit

    The first day of school can be daunting, so what to do when something goes awry during a busy school day? Here's our back to school beauty checklist so you can make sure you're prepared for any classroom beauty emergency.

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  • Trend: Nautical Navy Nails

    Trend: Nautical Navy Nails

    Summer's nautical trend continues well into fall with navy manicures and polish! Wear your navy nails matte, shiny, or add sparkling appliqués—the choice is yours!

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