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Cutting Calories on Halloween Candy


image courtesy of Shutterstock

Halloween means not only fun costumes, but also lots of candy. Everything is on offer and can be very tempting. However, all that sugar (and chemicals) is bad for your skin, teeth, and general health. We spoke with Kathy Kaehler, a Los Angeles-based celebrity food coach (Kim Kardashian is a client) and the author of Mom Energy, to find out which candy you should stay away from and what is okay to indulge in.

"To start off, don't keep candy in the house until the last moment," says Kathy. "If you buy early, you'll be tempted to eat everything before Halloween night. The best candy to eat is hard candy, like Jolly Ranchers or Tootsie Pops. You can't put more than one in your mouth at a time, and they take a while to dissolve. Stay away from small candy that you can quickly eat by the handful—that’s where you run into trouble!"

Miniature versions are also a no-no. "Two or three mini Butterfingers can add up to 100 to 200 calories," says Kathy. “It’s also good to stick with brands you know, as no-name candy can be full of strange ingredients! If you want the healthiest option, go with dark chocolate. It still has a lot of calories, but it also contains antioxidants.”

After Halloween, it's wise to increase your exercise sessions. “Extend your workouts with more reps, higher weights, and longer cardio,” says Kathy. “And remember, you can indulge in some candy during Halloween, but everything in moderation!”