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Great for Beginners!

I would highly recommend this kit to anyone especially beginners. If you do not have many brushes I think all six of these are awesome. You can create a very sophisticated eye look with these three brushes. You can pay the color on your lid with the eye shader brush, run the shadow in your crease or along your lash line with the pencil brush, and blend everything out nicely with the blending brush. The face brushes are great also! You can apply your foundation nicely with the stippling brush, apply your setting powder and blush with the large powder brush, then blend everything to a smooth finish with the buffer. The brushes are great quality (minus the shedding) which does go away after a few washes. I would suggest this kit rather than buying individually it will save you some money!

Amazing Stuff!!

I purchased the Facial Starter kit from target, and fell in love with the lotion. It has a great texture... thick but not to thick. It soaks into your skin very well. I am usually very red after I wash my face and lotion usually makes it worse not this one though! This lotion is so soothing and I feel it helps even out my skin tone. I have noticed a big difference in the smoothness and softness of my face since using this lotion. If you have dry or sensitive skin I would HIGHLY suggest checking this out!

So pigmented!

These are such great drugstore finds! I am so glad I came across these. I first bought the trio walking on eggshells and fell in love. The shadows are extremely pigmented and go on so smoothly. I had no problem blending. I just recently purchased the trio Im getting sunburned and I can not believe how pigmented these ones are. The middle crease color has great color payoff. I would highly recommended these trios. I also think they are great if you are just starting out. They are very affordable at $2.99 a piece and tell you exactly where to apply the shadow!


This is my first Kat Von D palette. Its amazing. The colors are so smooth and glide on easily. They are very pigmented and you really dont need to pack the color on. They also blend very well to help easily create a nice smoky look. So glad I got this palette!

This has a decent smell to it, but it reminds me of a childrens cheap bath soap. It lathers up nicely. After my shower my skin was super dry and itchy. But it was only $1 so I cant complain to much.

Dont buy!

This is the worst liquid liner I have ever used. It was super thick and clumpy. It seemed like it was old. I tried using it a few times but the same result each time. It also made my eyelids burn a bit when I first applied it. What a waste of $$

Raisin the bar

This is the best drugstore nail polish I have ever used. I am SO glad I discovered it. It has a square brush which makes it very easy to apply without getting it on your skin. It also dries very quickly so you dont mess up your nails ( I am famous for that) I find the polish lasts 5-7 days without a top coat. Awesome polish!

Favorite scent!

I treid this perfume a few years back at Macys. I sprayed and continued to shop. I kept smelling it on myself and I even got a few compliments so I had to purchase it. The bottle did not last long! Its a very lady like smell and you dont have to use a lot. I love how it lasts throughout the day!

Dries out to fast!

I absolutely was in love with this when I first got it... that was the case for the first week. Then it started getting drier and drier. It wouldn't go on evenly and I would have streaks in spots. It also seemed the marker tip was shredding a bit. I tried to get the tip a little bit wet... this didn't help any really. It was such a waste of money to have it only work for about a week. I wish it worked better because it was an awesome stain!

Katie, Destiny

I own two of these and really like them, katie is a nice nude that adds shine to your lips. Destiny is a coraly redish color. The glosses do to be on the sticky side so if your not a fan of sticky stay away. They also have a coffee scent to them so if your not big on sent stay away. I do think they are worth trying :)

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