Beauty Product Reviews

Great for natural highlighting!

I picked this foundation up a week or so ago in a color two shades too light. Instead of taking it back and exchanging it, I decided to use it as a face highlight over my normal liquid foundation. I fell in love! The formula blends perfectly and creates a soft, natural looking cheek highlight.

Before noticing that it was too light, I did apply it all over and went out for the day. The lasting power was great, and it didn't make me too dewy by the end of the day, surprisingly. I'll definitely pick this up in the right shade once the time comes.

OPI comes out with beautiful shades of nail varnishes, and I very much so enjoy the brush size and shape. My only complaint is that it chips so quickly, no matter what base or topcoat I use. I won't even be doing anything and it'll just chip off! I don't know what it is or why it happens, but for me, most OPI varnishes are a 1-day only type deal with me before I have to take it off and start all over again.


I absolutely love this brush, and not just for the inexpensive price tag. I usually grab a bunch when they're 50% off on the website because I can't seem to have enough of them! It's amazing for buffing in powder, cream and liquid foundations and also to blend out heavily applied blush/contour. You can also pinch it together or use one side to apply bronzer/contour. I just hate how long it takes to try, honestly. That's the only negative comment I have on it!