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A Great Powder

I bought this powder at the same time as I bought my Naked Skin liquid foundation. I use this with my foundation & lightly apply it all over my face with a fluffy powder brush. it helps add even more coverage & removes any unwanted shine. it doesn't make my face look cakey either, which is a real bonus!

The one thing I wasn't a fan of was the spongey pad they included to use for the powder. other than that, was very happy with the product.

  • 2.0

Holy Grail Foundation!

I've always been interested in trying a higher end foundation, particularly from the Urban Decay line. finally, about a month ago, I purchased the UD Naked Skin foundation. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this product! i was able to find my right shade right away. & after using it for a week I was happy to see that it had NOT dried out my skin or caused me to break out at all. it has a really good coverage & is able to cover up about 95% of my blemishes/imperfections. I love the finish it gives. it makes my skin look so good & is so lightweight I almost forget I'm wearing any foundation at all! All-in-all, my favorite foundation so far & am very happy with it. definitely worth every penny!

Not Sure What They Were Thinking..

as mentioned in previous reviews, the packaging is terrible! it looks pretty cool - which is mainly what attracted me to it - but after using it once, I was utterly disappointed. twist it a few times & hardly anything comes out, but twist one too many times, & BAM; concealer everywhere. however, the product itself is pretty good! it highlights my eyes great & makes me look more awake. the packaging however is too much of a hassle & I won't be buying this concealer again :/

Eraser, I Think Not..

although it's a fairly decent & quick face mask, it doesn't live up to it's name. I've been using this product for about 5months now, & tho it does personally leave my skin feeling clean after using it, it certainly does NOT erase blackheads. I've since moved onto other products, & I will definitely not be buying this one again.

Not Too Shabby

for a pressed powder I quite liked this one. it didn't take much to get good coverage & it's pretty gentle on my skin, not causing breakouts, etc. definitely a good product to try.

Best One Yet!

I use waterproof mascara & eyeliner, & this makeup remover takes it ALL off! It's very gentle on my eyes & takes very little effort to remove the makeup. I'll definitely be a longtime user, & highly recommend this product to others!

Great Polish!

I've used a variety of different colours from Xtreme Wear, & have always been happy with them! the colours are great, very bright & vivid. the polish itself lasts quite a while before chipping, especially if you apply a topcoat. never a disappointment with this brand!

Amazing Lotion

I have terribly dry skin on my nose & cheeks, but it's been no match for this lotion! although it is pricey, like all products from this brand, it's well worth the price in my opinion, & I'll definitely be a long time user!

Amazing Palette!

This is the first eyeshadow palette that I've tried, but so far, so good! I love the colours, they're very pigmented, & NO creasing!! The colours last all day without having to re-apply, as mentioned by others :p all-in-all, wonderful palette!

Smudge-Proof Waterproof, Indeed!

This mascara definitely lives up to it's name! It is absolutely waterproof.. even my eye makeup remover has troubles removing it. I find that that aspect of the product can become very frustrating, but there's no clumping, it goes on very easily, & it makes me lashes look amazing! a great waterproof mascara :p

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