Sens'Eyes - Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser


Kyraa D.
Best One Yet!

I use waterproof mascara & eyeliner, & this makeup remover takes it ALL off! It's very gentle on my eyes & takes very little effort to remove the makeup. I'll definitely be a longtime user, & highly recommend this product to others!

Maria O.
Miracle makeup remover

This is a time saver for me. I carry this in my makeup kit. When on set, I sometimes, need to change the eye color and this literally wipes makeup off of lids and lips without having to rub off and smear makeup all over. If you mess up on liner, add a bit on a q-tip end and voila! Problem solved. This is amazing and I recommend it to all who wear heavy eye makeup or water proof products.

Lani W.
Love it!

Alot of removers do good with most my make up. But this stuff gets off my IMPOSSIBLE water proof mascara and more! ADORE! It can even remove lipstick stains! Though I rarely wear lipstick. Its so easy on my eyes, not bad on my contacts, and my skin feels great after! I even use it on my brushes sometimes! (along with proper cleaner)

Erica S.
Works Wonders

This removes all my eye makeup—everything from waterproof or layered mascara to layers of eyeshadow, primer and eyeliner—without stinging my eyes and without having to rub! Amazing.

I use it with cotton rounds to remove all of my eye makeup before using a cleansing wipe to remove my other makeup and clean my face.

Jane A.
Love this product.

This product really does take out your eye make up very easily. I usually have UDPP, then multiple shades of eyeshadow, and coats of mascara, and this product takes all of this off in seconds.

I also love how your not left with "cloudy" eyes. I don't know how to really explain it, but usually when you're trying to get stuff off your eye, there is a "blur" when you open your eyes. Then it feels all oily and what not as you try to get that feeling off. =|

Love love love love. Probably the only department store item, I will continue to buy.

Jenna D.

This is the best remover that is currently on the market. It removes all traces of makeup when used as directed. However, although it is marketed for sensitive types, it still causes some stinging. I also dislike the use of blue dye and parabens. For these reasons, it loses one star from my rating.

Shannon T.
Great product! Unfortunately...

I've ultra sensitive skin for such a product meant for sensitive skin! Honestly, it was such a great treat for removing my most stubborn mascara - Max Factor's waterproof false lash effect.

I got my remover from Sephora and had to return because the burning sensation got worse and so did my eye's swelling. Wish I could keep it permanently... Give it a shot nonetheless!

Arait M.

Great product! While I've only used it from the sample I got at sephora it wipes away everything without needing to apply force or rub the eyelid roughly. I suggest using a q-tip or cotton ball to ensure it doesn't get into the eye. But there is absolutely no irritation for me.