Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion


Sabatini T.
A Holy Grail Moisturizer

Okay, so this is my HG Moisturizer for my combination to oily skin.I'm on my second bottle and I started using it in late 2011.

Before, my skin will be very oily in the middle of the day. But this one, it's control my oil without making my skin dry. It's like everyday and everytime, my skin is free from oil. It's been a while since last time I saw unstoppable shine. Well, this one great under sunscreen and powder. If I'm using foundation and primer, it will be still oily, probably it comes from the foundation.

This product will not clog pores, so it's pretty NICE!

I just use one pump and it does its magic!

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TC Burcu S.
This is already the 2nd bottle

I have dry skin, and especially on my cheeks and on my forehead, so I have to exfoliate 3 times a week. I use this after each exfoliation, and each morning after cleaning my face, so before my make up. I think it does its job well. It hydrates my skin, without leaving it too moist or oily, because my skin absorbes it quickly. I like it, and I will continue using it ! :-) I recommend it if your skin is dry, but not like desert dry (!), for that type of skin you need something that hydrates even more, it might not be enough.

Carolyn S.
I'm a picker...

I get acne, and pick it. This is a wonderful product for all those gross crusty edges. It blends to my skin smoothly. And keeps my face hydrated all day long. It has to be one of my favorite products I have.

Cameron R.

Great simple moisturizer. Doesn't contain SPF so you will need a seperate sunscreen. Makes my skin feel moist and comfortable, doesn't clog my pores or promote breakouts, doesn't make my skin feel greasy, and no irritation! Great product! = )

Minjee Y.
great for dry skin!

I love this stuff! It's great and does what it needs to do which is moisturize and hydrate. It clears away my dry patches. My skin soaks this in so well. Also this moisturizer never feels heavy and dries fast!

Nadia C.

The best moisturizer I have ever used, not too greasy, and you don't have to put tons of it, just a little goes a long way... And it last for months, been using it for 3 months and it's not in the middle yet.

Kyraa D.
Amazing Lotion

I have terribly dry skin on my nose & cheeks, but it's been no match for this lotion! although it is pricey, like all products from this brand, it's well worth the price in my opinion, & I'll definitely be a long time user!

Meg C.
Love it!

I've struggled with my skin forever and I put this on after using the Philosophy microwhatever exfoliator on my face and it makes my it feel SO smooth. Absolutely WONDERFUL for people with dry skin like myself. Love it!

Mary Anne M.
No-Frills Moisturizing

I have been using this moisturizer in the dry-combination formula since I was 17, and although I am actually combo-oily now and should be using the gel formula, I still use the lotion formula especially during the winter when my skin becomes significantly dry. I love how emollient this lotion is, and that it has no fragrance. I would use it in the morning and evening immediately after washing my face to restore the moisture that I had scrubbed off along with all the oil, dirt, and makeup. It keeps my skin soft throughout its dry months.

Saffron H.
A decent product.

I got this on a whim about 2-3 weeks ago. I really love the texture of this moisturizer, It feels like velvet on my skin and dries nicely. I think the only downside of this product is that it doesn't seem as moisturizing as other moisturizers I have tried. This doesn't seem like a bad product at all but I'm not so sure I would purchase it again simply because it is somewhat pricey and didn't seem to help my dry winter skin as much as I had hoped BUT it didn't break me out and I have acne prone skin that breaks out somewhat easily so finding a moisturizer that is kind to my acne sure is one heck of a plus! xx :)