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I've wanted to try out BM since I saw there first infomercial on tv about 2 years ago. I've tried other mineral foundations like it and I never thought they were that great. So when I saw that Sephora was selling this kit for only $60, I was a little hesitant bc I figured they would be like the other mineral foundations i tried. I have dry skin so I was also worried about that. But I was wrong, I got it in medium and I like to mix the medium with the tan, that seems to be the perfect color for me. I also use the warmth with the mineral veil. I love how even my skin tone looks and how it gives me some extra color without looking fake or orange.


I bought this bc it was a volumizing product and I seem to try all the new root boosting sprays or volumizers out there. The product description says that it texturizes and creates maximum volume. It definitely does not create MAXIMUM volume but it creates some. The one thing I like about this is you can use it when your hair is dry, so its convenient when you need some extra lift in the middle of the day. You have to rub it in for a few minutes to get some volume and I suggest teasing your hair too for better results. I'm not sure if I would buy it again, maybe if it was 50% off, I think it was around $6 at CVS.


I bought this a week ago bc I heard that it was so great for your cuticles. As far as moisturizing your cuticles, it does do that. But I feel like its only when I have it on my cuticles. After I wash my hands I don't notice that they feel any less dry. It smells awesome and I like the packaging. I feel like it makes my nails too greasy so I only use a tiny tiny bit. The product description says it's supposed to strengthen your nails and you'll notice immediate results. I dont feel like my nails are any stronger & haven't noticed any results. I guess its okay to keep in my purse to use on the go but I've used much better cuticle creams for cheaper. I think I paid $5.99 at CVS for it and now thinking about it that was way too much. I wouldn't repurchase this.


I've been reading so much about this on blogs so I had to see what all the hype was about. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply to get it, I didn't realize it was gonna be around $10 but whatever it ended up being totally worth it! I couldnt believe how quick it dried, literally my nails were dry to touch in less than a minute. Not to mention the extra shiny gloss finish it gives your manicure. I'm in love! It makes your nails almost look like glass or like they were professionally done. I've had it on my nails for 4 days now and it still looks as good as it did the first day.

LOVE IT!!!!!

This is the first hair mask I've ever tried that I can honestly say I truly love!!! It made my hair come back to life again lol. It was shiny, super soft, easier to style, I could go on. If you have dry/damaged hair or feel like your hair is on the dull side you should totally give this a chance!!!


I've used every single brush in this set almost everyday for about 6 months now. There super soft and love the way they apply makeup. My fav brush is the blush brush (well I use it for blush anyway). I've cleaned them once a month and there still in perfect shape. Gotta love drugstore bargains!!


When this first came out I was super excited because it looked like something I would usually love...NOT.. first off you had to apply it soo lightly or the stick would just snap off, plus the pigmentation sucked, (especially the smoke color). It didn't go on evenly at all and the first time i tried it, it creased about a hour later.. if that. Horrible product :(


The first palette I bought from this collection was "I got good jeans" (3 color palette). When I first tried it I could not believe this was Wet n Wild, the colors are so pigmented, they go on super smooth. I was even more impressed 8 hours later when I looked in the mirror and I had no shadow crease lines, it looked exactly like it did when I applied it 8 hours earlier. That being said, I went back to Walgreens and bought the 3 other palettes they had at the time. Then when they came out with the 8 pan palettes I got those too. Wet n Wild has totally impressed me!! Why would I buy eyeshadow from MAC that cost $20 when I could get the same quality for no more than $5?

Love Chinchilly

I was on a mission to find this color but didn't know that essie made chinchilly until I found it at cvs the other day. I love it!! This is the first color by essie i've bought. I cant wait to get more colors

I'm 50/50 on this product

The first time I tried it, (the only time) lol so far.. I think I might have rushed a little bit, bc by the time I got to the next hand I realized exactly what I was doing wrong on the first hand. So, it does take time and patience, and I think the more time you use them the better result you will get. I have to say even though I could have taken more time applying them, they lasted a good week

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