Beauty Product Reviews

I love it!

It's a really good gloss. Not too sticky and not heavy feeling. It has a nice minty tingly sensation to it and it plumps your lips. I love the color it's a nice mauve, and it has a slight vanilla smell but it's not overwhelming at all.

Great colors, highly pigmented.

I bought this palette off of great price for the amount of product you get. I love the colors in this a lot of different colors instead of of like a neutral palette or shimmer like one.

great colors, great box design, and great add-ons.

I bought this for my birthday for myself I love the colors. Some many to choose from to put together I could spend hours on coming with great makeup looks. I love Urban Decay!

Smooth, long lasting, great colors.

I bought adrenaline and absolutely love it! It lasts for ever I went out one night and it stayed on my lips through drinking and eating. It's almost like a stain but comes off without having to use makeup remover. Best lipstick-gloss I have ever bought!

I put these on every time I wear makeup.

I put these on every time I put on eyeshadow in the corners of my eyes it makes them pop. I use milk mainly I have black bean and I have used it but I stick with milk.

Best eyeshadow primer ever!

I never used an eyeshadow primer before and my eyeshadow would cake and smear. I actually stopped wearing makeup because of that and than I found this and I fell in love. I will never ever again go without this product.