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Makeup Artist Kit S101

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Latreya C.
Love Love Love

I purchased this from the NYX website and waiting patiently for it to arrive. It's much bigger than I anticipated and the color palette is great. I alternate between this palette and the Butt Naked when I do my makeup. The only products I haven't used are the lip color...nothing against them, I just haven't found the need to use them. The only flaw was one of the eyeshadows was cracked when I opened the package...highly recommend!

Janet M.

I got this for a great price at hautelook.com and the kit was bigger than I expected it would be which is great! So far, I’ve used this product mainly for the blushes which go on well.

Katy D.
Great colors, highly pigmented.
Photo of product included with review by Katy D.

I bought this palette off of hautelook.com great price for the amount of product you get. I love the colors in this a lot of different colors instead of of like a neutral palette or shimmer like one.

Michelle M.

Love this pallet!! There are some really great shadows with great pay off and not as expensive as other brands. The shadows are about a quarter size. This is a plus bc you have more to use or expirement with. Def worth trying for a new artist. The lip glasses aren't my favorite. I usually start off with a matte color that matches the color gloss. Then apply the gloss on top and this also comes with a fairly large mirror another plus.