Too Faced

Glamour Gloss


amira g.

it's a good lip plumper. it's shiny not sticky and it has a nice tint to it. i love how tingly/minty it feels also! i will most likely repurchase

Jennifer D.
Terrific texture

It feels great going on and stays put a while. I actually like just about everything I've tried from Too Faced, which have been mostly lip products. They have great packaging too.

Philomena  L.
Just Fab!

I love this this glamour gloss, its pretty, flirty, stays, and looks great with most skin tones!I recommend it! This is very glamorous but not too much. I think its perfect, I like Too Face products; when I got this I knew it would be a good buy!

Kristie G.

I got one of these as a sample and fell in love. The shade is pretty,looks deep but isn't too deep when put on. They plump but the sensation isn't over bearing.

Giftedteacher M.
Best lasting lipgloss/lipcolour!

I love this product. I think it is the perfect mix between a lipstick/lipcolour and a gloss. It is not super glossy but it has just the right amount of sheen. The colour is perfect with all my neutrals but also with brights. The scent is lovely, and the tingly feeling I get when I apply it keeps me coming back for more.

Katy D.
I love it!

It's a really good gloss. Not too sticky and not heavy feeling. It has a nice minty tingly sensation to it and it plumps your lips. I love the color it's a nice mauve, and it has a slight vanilla smell but it's not overwhelming at all.

Crystal H.
Cute Packaging!

I got this gloss in a set they had & OMG, I thought all lip glosses were the same! Until my lips met this gloss!! It has a subtle feel of menthol and so it feels 'active' and well, I have no lips and this makes me feel and look look like I do! Yay! And the cute packaging comes in real handy for me when I am looking through my gigantic purse and I can see the big shiny jewel sparkle, then I know I have the right gloss! Love this stuff!

Jessica S.

When I first purchased one of these glosses, I didn't realize that it had a nice minty sensation, which I absolutely love! I merely purchased it for the shade. I have naturally full lips, which is why I may not notice the plumping, but I do notice that it makes my pout look even, well, poutier.

Brittany R.
Definitely a lip plumper!

This was the first lip plumper I used that actually plumped my lips! There is a great range of shades & I love all of them!! I usually have an issue with extremely dry lips & this product didn't dry mine out at all. Definitely plan on re purchasing!

Jelena W.
The color pops!

I needed a gloss that was rich and creamy without being sticky. I've found it with Too Faced- lasts long and is an immediate attraction grabber, LOVE IT :)