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Jul 25, 2012

Melissa E.

I read your review on the Too Faced mascara and you mentioned you knew a cotton technique. What is it? Thanks! 

Jul 26, 2012

Kate B.

Hi! I take a mascara wand (sans mascara) and cut a cotton ball into quarters with scissors and fluff up some of the cotton strands with my fingers, and then swirl the dry mascara wand into the cut open side of the cotton ball so it picks up all of those little cotton fibers. So after curling my lashes, I apply a thin coat of mascara, then use the mascara wand that's covered in cotton, and then apply mascara again! It works literally the same way. I just need to get my hand on a better mascara wand that's similar to the Too Faced cotton wand. After not too long on a traditional mascara wand the cotton gets thick and clumped up and won't actually leave any cotton material on your lashes, but if you stock up on a few clean mascara wands it works just the same and costs a heck of a lot less! Hope this helps!

Kate B.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

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