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Beauty Product Reviews


If you are looking for the brightest color out there, this is it! ( NEON MELON ) its my favorite nailpolish ( it doesnt glow in the dark its under a black light ) it lasts for weeks without getting mest up

<3 it's worth the money

When I first tried it, I wasn't sure if it would work that well but it is now one of my favorite products. It defines my curls while keeping the feeling moisturized. It smells amazing! And it's at a great price.

I have been growing my hair out for about a year and starting curling it. I would always use a thermal spray but my curls either didn't last or ended up sticky. I have spent a ton of money on products. I saw this and tried it. I was so surprised! When I curl my hair the curl stays, not only that, it is not sticky. And my hair is very frizzy and dry and usually does not like any products. This is worth the money. I have not found a hair product I like better than this. Buy 2 at a time. It is so worth every cent!

My friend Clarissa gave me this brush for my birthday and its AMAZING !!!!!!!!! I like it better than MAC 109 brush ! this brush is a must :D