Beauty Product Reviews

Soft, smooth, brighter skin

I absolutely adore this night cream. After a few uses, I could start to see my skin looking noticeably better: Well hydrated, soft, a little glowy. It also smells fantastic (like roses), but the smell is strong (you've been warned). It took me about 6 months to go through my first jar. Repurchased a second. While it is a thick cream, it does not feel greasy or heavy on the skin and I did not experience any break outs. Absolutely love it.

Lashes for days!

Like many, I received this as my birthday gift from Sephora (as part of the VIB program). I've been in love ever since. The brush really allows you to get all of your lashes and it lengthens beautifully. I have to use a few coats for building volume. I have no complaints on this tone. It's amazing! If I had to fault it, I'd say that the only thing I'm not crazy about is how hard it makes my lashes. They do tend to get kind of crunchy. I hope it's easy to find it in travel size, as I think it's a great tip for buying higher end mascara. This way you're less likely to toss out a lot of product if you're like me and you toss your mascara after 3 months.

Makeup won't budge

This stuff is amazing! Spray it on after you've done your makeup and you are set to go for the rest of the day. My makeup looks fantastic for hours when I use this, and it's nice and light so you don't even feel it on your skin. I bought the travel sized version and it lasts a pretty long time.

You can't go wrong

Nars has some of the most amazing blushes out there. Pigment, pigment, pigment. I have Deep Throat and Love Joy and I adore them both! I also love albatross for a fantastic highlight

My favorite UD palette

This palette is a complete steal! You get 12 full sized shadows for less than $50. And the best part, is that all the colors are easy to wear. I love UD's great colors but there are always colors in their palettes, while pretty, I just look at them and know that I won't get much use out of them. I just don't have the occasion to wear bright blues and hot pinks to the office. This palette is perfect. All the colors are wearable for every day, and you can create both day and night time looks with it. The shadows are silky, blendable, and highly pigmented. They will not disappoint. I'm kind of sad that they've had to replace the 24/7 shadows that originally came with the palette for a brush, which made the price a bit higher. I'm glad I was able to snag one up before they had trouble keeping up the production of their 24/7 liners with the demand of the palette. If you find any out there that still have a liner, snatch it up quickly!. If not, it's still an amazing buy. And, the brush they put in the palette is a $26 brush. So, it's still quite a good bargain.

One of the best

I'd give this five stars but I hate the packaging. The product itself is fabulous, but the packaging makes it hard to get all the product out. If you don't cut the bottle open, you end up tossing out A LOT of product. I wish the would make the limited edition eyeshadow primer that came in the squeeze tube a permanent item.

Love love love!

I got these for Christmas and I adore them. They are soft and fluffy and a great alternative to MAC brushes (much more budget friendly). There isn't one brush in this kit that I don't love. The E40 is a great alternative for MAC's 224 and I love how soft the E30 is while still being sturdy enough to apply color along the lash line. No more prickly pencil brushes for me! I'm absolutely in love with these brushes, and would recommend them to anyone.

Favorite blending brush in my collection

I love it because it is a great blending brush, but it can also be used to pack on color. It's my most reached for brush in my collection. For the longest time I could not find a dupe, but Sigma has one, so if you are intimidated by the price tag, try Sigma's version. You will love it!

Can't pick just one!

So far, I love every MAC eyeshadow I own. They are silky, blend well, highly pigmented. But I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir. My faves: carbon, vanilla, naked lunch, cork, satin taupe...

They really just don't disappoint!