Beauty Product Reviews


I went into Sephora looking for an eyeliner that will stay on through intense workouts. This didn't budge at all through 3 hours of sweaty volleyball practice. The color is intense and it applies fairly easily but not as easy as other non-waterproof liners that I have. The tip is somewhat stiff and it can be hard to draw a line if you have eyelids like mine that are pretty wrinkly and tend to snag and cause the liner to skip. I'm also pretty shaky with my hand. So I work slowly with this liner and pull my lid from the outer corner tight so that it doesn't snag. It really does last!!! It didn't come off at all during my sweaty volleyball session-- and I SWEAT a lot! I give it 4 stars because it isn't as easy to apply as other liners I've tried. Waterproof--YES. Ease of use-- depends on your type of eyes and technique.

Good for shaky hands!

I like this eyeliner pen because its easy for me to use. My hands are very prone to tremor (maybe it's all of the espresso I drink) so applying most types of eyeliner can be really difficult for me, but not this one! The firm brush helps keep the line smooth and steady. I rest it against my top lash line and allow the color to reach between the lashes. It dries matte and you can apply two or three layers to intensify the color. It doesn't flake off like some liquid liners do when multiple coats are applied. My only complaint is that there are only 2 colors-- black and brown. Black being my favorite! :)

Favorite for shimmery effect

This eyeshadow is silicone-based which can throw some people off. Once you realize that it is NOT the buttery smooth type of cream shadows that are out there then it's easier to deal with. Use an eyeshadow primer the apply a small amount of the Illusion D' Ombre on the back of your hand. Close the container tight. Then apply the shadow with a brush or fingertips using a series of small amounts. Layering is key. You can use this color (Fantasme) over any shadow to make it more shimmery. It is white in the container but opaque on the skin. You can pat it onto the cheekbones for highlight. You can also use the brush that it comes with to draw a line around the eye, even blending it into an eyeliner to give it some sparkle. LOVE THIS.


This is my favorite complexion enhancing product. I have a skin tone that lightens and darkens with the seasons due to sun exposure. In the summer, I mix this with my foundation to darken it so it matches better and in winter I use it to give me a contoured bronzed look by sweeping in that "3" shape using a foundation blending brush and working it into the crease of my eyes using an eyeshadow blending brush. It's definitely a natural bronze, not too pink or orange, and it has a luminous-- not shimmery finish.