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More exquisite than anticipated

I have several Chikuhodo brushes, so when I saw this set, I knew I needed it. I already own the Makie lip brush and was excited to see that the Beautylish collaboration included a shadow brush instead. These are incredibly soft, and the design is breathtaking. I work at home and often touch up my makeup at my desk before going out to meet clients or run errands, so having a powder brush at my desk is a necessity. When you hold these brushes in your hand, you'll be mesmerized by their beauty. The retractable handles operate without a hitch. Both the powder and cheek brushes have a very airy feel, so you won't overapply product unnecessarily. The shadow brush applies shimmer or metallic shadow to the lid nicely as well. I'll still need an eyeliner and blending brush for travel, but these three brushes will cover most of my needs. Functional and truly spectacular to look at. I'm very pleased.

A great addition to my lucky bag

I've been a Becca fan for years but only have Prosecco Pop (which I don't like on my skin tone because its too warm). I was hesitant about this duo, so I was glad to find it in my 2019 Lucky Bag. The pressed version is very nice, but the liquid version is absolutely perfect for my needs. Glowy without glitter. Natural and very realistic on. I can't believe I ignored this for so long. I guess the Beautylish team knew I needed it. Very nice.

Exceeding my expectations

After using Sonia G.'s Pro eye set for a month, I knew I had to get the face set as well. Even though I didn't "need" them, I couldn't talk myself out of buying them, and I'm so glad I didn't. These are so lovely. I use the blush brush to apply a nude base eye shadow to my entire eye area, and that will probably be it's permanent job. The face and inochige brushes make application effortless, and the detail brush is my new favorite for applying brightening powder under my eyes. Even with Chikuhodo brushes in my arsenal, I prefer Sonia G.'s brushes. Amazing in every way.

Replaced my Chikuhodo

I have most of the brushes in Chikuhodo's GSN line, so I didn't think I would get much use out of this brush. Boy, was I wrong! The bristles are shorter and denser in Sonia's brush, which equates to a more precise application of shimmers on the lid. It seems to hold product better than my Chikuhodo, which means I am getting more efficient and saving time on my routine. Truly lovely (and, yes, I have the Pro Eye set).

These are breathtaking!

Before this set launched, I only owned one Sonia G. brush, the Worker Two. It thrilled me from the start because it applies shadow perfectly and doubles as a crease brush. The Pro Eye set is even better. I prefer the slender handle, and the Blender Pro diffuses product effortlessly. The Crease Pro is thinner and more precise than either of Wayne Goss's crease brushes, so it makes a sharper line, which I appreciate with certain shadows. So far, I love every Sonia G. brush I own and can't wait to get the Face Pro Set in my greedy little hands.

Great bag! Were you reading my mind?

This was my first Lucky Bag, and I'm super pleased. I received the Charlotte Tilbury Face Palette, Becca Moonstone highlighters, ColorFX rose gold drops, Wayne Goss fan brush, Bioderma micellar water, and the Good Molecules Eye serum. As a Wayne Goss fan, any brush is welcome, and I was stunned to receive the Tilbury palette, which works beautifully on my fair skin. Worth the wait, and I'll definitely order again next year. Thank you!

I need another one!

After using this brush for a few weeks, it quickly became my favorite for bronzer. I have several WG brushes, and this one works beautifully. I'd use it for everything if I didn't have so many Chikuhodo brushes. This one is super soft, diffuses powder beautifully, and makes it a joy to get ready in the morning. I only wish I had a spare, so I could dedicate one to powder and one to cream products. Truly lovely!

Works beautifully

Cleansing balms are wonderful, especially if you tend to get cleansing oils everywhere. This soft cream formula works very well and is on par with the Korean cleansing balms I've used, yet this one smells better than most. The scent is subtle and disappears almost immediately, which is great for those of us who can't handle heavily fragranced products. I received a deluxe sample of this with another Beautylish purchase, and I'm adding it to my wishlist for when my current balm runs out. Very nice.

Finally, my perfect blush!

While I was initially put off by the price of this product, I decided to give it a try. I had just purchased a new Chikuhodo cheek brush, and this is the perfect combination. The powder is super finely milled and easy to build up to the appropriate intensity. I love the texture, and Diffused Heat is the perfect shade of coral for my skin (which has both pink and peach undertones). I promptly bought the Radiant Magenta and love them equally.

Soft, beautiful, and a joy to use

I've never been a fan of dense short-bristled blush brushes, so I've been searching for the right one for a while. This brush is beyond pretty. The pearl handle fits nicely in my hand, and the soft, fluffy head picks up just the right amount of product. It works best with finely milled products as it had trouble picking up enough blush from the gelato blushes I have from Laura Geller. It works beautifully with most every other product I've tried, and I've since order three others from this series to replace subpar brushes in my collection. Worth every penny.

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