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Shimmering Skin Perfector Moonstone Glow On The Go


Kathleen  S.
Beautiful and cute!

I am very used to using SUPER BLINDING, super pigmented, cyborg/alien like highlighters that I'm pretty sure you can see from space. Soooooo I figured let me get one to tone it down a bit for those days I just want to look like I'm lit from within with a more "natural" highlight. I have always heard great thing about Becca (obviously) so this little "sample" pack was perfect for me. It may be called a kind of sample pack but trust me it will last a long time. It's a gorgeous highlight, not too much and not barely there either. Overall I'm very pleased with these products. I would love to try Pearl next! Great buy!

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Vanessa R.

Very nice highlighter! Doesn't settle on the pores. It is natural looking, like glow from within

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琇靖 黃.
Love it!!!

I'm so happy to have it! Just amazing!!This highlighter is incredibly!Love this glow!I will continue to buy this no matter what!

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Regina T.
super great

definitely worth the money, beautiful packaging and wonderful product. The highlighter has a scent which I found very pleasant

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l like it!

Achieve a perfectly highlighted complexion with the set. Follow with foundation and add Moonstone,Shimmering Skin Perfector on the cheekbone brow bones, temples and bridge of the nose, create a long-lasting dewy finish.The mini travel size easy to take while on a  trip.

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Nadz A.

Like most said, it's travel size, but not as tiny as I expected. Overall, it's a very good product. The liquid especially is pigmented & happens to be my favorite, while the powder highlighter is more of a subtler, natural glow.

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So beautiful

This set is amazing. Moonstone is the perfect color. The cream gives a glossy natural glow while the powder takes it a step further.

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Mayuri H.
Like it but not love it

A solid, good set. The powder highlighter has nice color but small flecks of glitter in it bleed elsewhere on my face. Perhaps it’s got to do with the formula in the pressed powder highlighter that interact with the multitude of concealers (for covering up dark spots) layers on my cheek and forehead. The creamy highlighter was just ok and will look best on non textured skin surface.

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Tracy T.
A great addition to my lucky bag

I've been a Becca fan for years but only have Prosecco Pop (which I don't like on my skin tone because its too warm). I was hesitant about this duo, so I was glad to find it in my 2019 Lucky Bag. The pressed version is very nice, but the liquid version is absolutely perfect for my needs. Glowy without glitter. Natural and very realistic on. I can't believe I ignored this for so long. I guess the Beautylish team knew I needed it. Very nice.

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Elinor W.
Doesn't blend well, it's nothing special.

These highlighters are nothing special, and don't blend well. They made my pores look huge.

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