Wayne Goss

The Holiday Brush 2018

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Pamela C.
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I didnt expect any less from Wayne. This brush can be used for pretty much everything. Its so soft and has the perfect amount of give. I highly suggest if you can get your hands on it that you do!

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Sophie Q.
The brush I've been searching for!
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I've been on the hunt for quite a while for an ultra-soft, directional and firm goat powder brush. I have the Surratt Face brush which is squirrel so I love to use this for my finishing powder. But I have oily skin so I really wanted a goat powder brush that would still be soft and directional (but wouldn't be damaged by oil long-term). The other powder brushes I have I've never really got along well with as they're too floppy and I prefer the 'press and roll' powder setting technique. So this brush has completely met and exceeded my expectations for the perfect powder brush! To start with, the goat hair is incredibly soft and good quality. I have several saikoho goat brushes and this is just as soft (if not softer!). I know Wayne doesn't normally specify the type of goat, squirrel etc hair he uses for his brushes, but the hair quality for this brush especially is exceptional. Now onto the shape- it's a slim, long fan that has a fair density to it. It's not a shape I have already (and I have a lot of brushes!) so I didn't realise until I received it just how innovative and useful this shape is. The end of the brushes come to a taper so you can set your under-eyes with it or turn it on its side to powder the crevices of the nose easily. It's also perfect for how I like to powder as it's bigger than the Air Brush so it powders a good amount of the face at a time and you can really spread and press the powder into the face. It's also the perfect shape for sweeping blush onto the apples of the cheeks and up. I personally prefer the Sonia G. 'Sculpt One' for bronzer, but this does an excellent job too. I think this would be a great contour brush rather than bronzer actually, as on its side it can do very precise lines. I'm so glad I ordered two of these before they sold out, it really is one the most multi-use brushes I have and the quality is impeccable.

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Iris L.
ADORE this brush - I need another one!

So I just received mine today and I am in LOVE. I used it for blush -- so soft, picks up the perfect amount of product, sweeps it beautifully over my cheeks. I was in awe, so I immediately dusted it off and used it with highlighter. Again, perfection. I NEED another one so I don't have to mix my blush and highlighter brushes -- I KNOW you OCD people know what I'm talking about!

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Tissiemoe D.
I’m Coming Back for a 2nd Brush

I first tried this with my Bobbi Brown palette of 3 highlighters-baked, dense, beautiful but no brush would pick it up & apply it well on my close to 60 skin. THIS ONE does! I use the whole brush-not the side-as highlighter looks best on my cheeks. Blush, bronzer perfect too! Extremely soft and well worth my money! Thank you for making this brush, WG!!!

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Elizabeth S.
I never had a favorite brush before this one

I loved the look of the brush when Wayne displayed it on You Tube, but I had no idea I would LOVE this brush. As always Wayne Goss brushes are soft as silk on your skin, but the shape is clever. It’s flat but also wider, making it a power brush for the makeup addict and novices alike. I just discovered this morning how lovely this is to set your under eyes. I agree with other reviewers, it’s necessary to have multiples of this brush. I hope there’s a restock. Bravo Wayne!

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Maria G.
The only fan brush I own!

I was in the process of upgrading my 10 year old Laura Mercier brush set so I decided to get at least one fan brush. Lucky for me, WG decided to release one this Holiday 2018 so I snagged one. It is so versatile that I use it for setting powder on my undereye area, apply my highlighter, or apply my blush when I want a more natural and diffused look. I will not be buying another fan brush because this can do so much in my makeup routine!

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Randi  C.

By far the best holiday brush that Wayne has put out. Such a unique shape that works great for blush, highlight, or contour. I secretly want another one!!!

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Adren B.
The Best of the Best
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Wayne Goss brushes have changed my makeup game, from not only making applying makeup quicker and easier but flawless as well; my hooded eyes are so in love with his eye brushes so I just had to get this amazing highlighter brush; what I love the most is the versatility of his brushes from a dry to a liquid it’s seemeless and a big bonus I only need to wash them 1x a month unless I use a liquid then I wash soon after use xoxo

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Catherine B.
So glad I ordered multiple brushes

This is one of my favorite Goss brushes! I have 4 and because I can use it for everything face, even for setting powder for the under eye, I can always have clean brushes at hand. The shape and brush hair length is perfect and soft as silk. Thank you Wayne!❤️⭐️⭐️

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Danica R.

This is a very soft, dense, nicely angled brush that is great for contouring and feathering on blush or buffing in hilight. Really great, I reach for it over my other brushes already.

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