Beauty Product Reviews

Mine both BROKE in a move =(

I LOVED these shadows! I had both the matte and the shimmer palettes and wow the pigmentation was awesome on almost all the colors and I had every color in the rainbow to work with! Sadly i opened one of my moving boxes and all i saw was pretty shimmer powder everywhere =(

Puuurty good stuff!

Ok so here's the low down!

- Good exfoliator for normal skin to oily skin ( does have less salicylic acid than most products that are made for clearing skin so it makes it gentler and therefore I assume a person with pretty normal skin could use this for brightening their skin up) - My favorite is STILL the Apricot Scrub for blemishes and blackheads; I feel like this disolves faster in H2O BUT I still love this. Nonetheless the Green Tea version is more useful to use more often ( ex 4 times a week vs 2 times a week with apricot scrub) because it's less abbrasive to the skin. With that SAID I pick the Apricot Scrub because I can exfoliate my chest and back area too and keep everything smooth; the green tea version only really works for the face area! LOVE all st ives products though.

Using since High School!

Still use this stuff! LOVE it best inexpensive exfoliator PERIOD. It's pretty abrasive though so you have to take it slow with this stuff! Don't tear your face off! lol but yea it's good stuff! I've seriously been repurchasing this since i was 14; I need to have this on hand for my skin to behave!