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About Me

Hey hey hey! I'm Cristina!!! I'm completely obsessed with beauty, makeup, fashion, and dance! I'm currently a full time student ( junior), single college girl and I work part-time retail. I recently finished my associates in Dance; but I'm changing routes now and going for a Bachelor's In Mass Communication with a focus in Electronic Media and a minor in Business. I want to go to Cosmetology school one day for makeup and be official! One day that will come I guess; till then I love youtube, and chatting about beauty and reading on new products; I've worked as a MUA a few times (freelance) and I LOVE making people feel great with makeup!

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Light
Skin Type: Oily
Hair Color: Auburn
Hair Texture: Fine
Birthday: January 16
Age: 32


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* I have a dog, I love animals
* I'm constantly either thinking about movement ( dance wise) or colors in things that could fit into makeup ( I know I'm a weirdo!)
* I LOVE heels, but damnit I can't wear them too long! I always carry my converse with me when i wear heels =D
* I am 21 and considered a "Capricorn" but after reading what a Capricorn is supposed to be like I decided that they must have gotten it wrong or I was born at the wrong time and really fit into something else. Asotrolgy= yea whatever.
* I love school life, I have a few close friends and I prefer close friends over a bunch of people I don't know too well!
* I've been to 3 different colleges! ( MOVING MOVING MOVING!) I live with my parents; and I started at The University Of Texas in El Paso THEN we moved to Austin so I finished my Associates at Austin Community; now I'm off to another University for the next 2 years! I know people from all across Texas now, college is amazing meeting people like that and keeping in touch is great!
* I love theme parks. I'm like a 5 year old. Well kinda, I ride the intense rides, go hard or go home at Six Flags!
* If I had to burn all my makeup except for one item I'd keep my mascara! I love long lashes