Beauty Product Reviews

The BEST!!!

I love this perfume!!!!! I wear it like every day, and people are always like "wow!" or "great perfume". It lasts for a pretty long time, and it doesn't stain clothes. I definitely recommend it!

eh... not that great

I don't like teenage dream or last friday night, especially last friday night. They make it look like it's going to be an awesome glittery blue, but you can hardly tell that it is supposed to be blue when you put it on! I like the black shatter, but it dries out, and gets these annoying little lumps in the bottle, none of which are a result of not shutting the bottle tightly. I love the duochrome on Not Like The Movies, and I also Like The One That Got Away


I liked the effect, but it started to get all lumpy -_- and that also happened to my friend :( It looks awesome, but it doesn't last that long, and there are a lot of brands that have the exact same thing in a bunch of really cool colors that OPI doesn't have (Sally Hansen, China Glaze ect)


When I bought this, I wasn't a hundred percent sure that it was going to work, but it came in a pack with a color I wanted, so I decided to buy it. When I got home I tried it immediately and it actually worked!!! I was shocked! 5 minutes and you are good to go!! definitely buy this

Really Good

This is a great top coat and base coat! It is so convenient because then I don't have to buy two separate ones, and it does stop chipping! I always have a bottle of this lying around :)

Okay, but I don't like the brush

I have a few of these polishes, but I find the brush is too thick, and can make me get quite a bit of polish on my fingers. Other than that they are pretty good :)

Great :D (for the most part)

I have like 25 of them, and most of them are awesome. The ones with a creme finish/ plain ones ex. White On have a slightly trickier formula and can get very thick and gloppy after a few uses. They can also get pretty streaky and stringy so you have to dip the brush into the bottle like 3-5 times just to paint one nail >.< They shiny ones ex. crushed, hot magenta, virtual violet normally require 3-4 coats (most of the others need 2) and can take longer to dry.

Leaks everywhere

It's really easy to use (do not make the mistake of using it when your nails aren't 100% dry!!!), but after you use it a couple of times it leaks everywhere!!! My friend and I were using a black one, and it stained our hands for a bit!! We used acetone to get it off