Beauty Product Reviews

I'd be lost without this stuff!

Seriously, it's like magic. I use it for so many different things, and a little goes a long way.

I love how convenient it is to just be able to mix a tiny bit of shadow with it, to make an awesome waterproof liner that you can wear subtly, or in a more dramatic manner if you so prefer. I feel like I have an endless rainbow of possibilities at my fingertips, when weilding this product.

It's also quite handy for sealing my drawn on brows, and beauty marks!

Love these!

I feel like these lip balms gather around my home like spare change. I am constantly picking up new ones, just so I can stash them in new places, or give to friends as gifts. They all smell incredible, the packing is quite cute, and they have SPF! You can't go wrong with these!

Incredible quality at a great price!

I have been hearing people rant and rave about this brand for months, and then I finally took the plunge, and picked up this set. As soon as I used it, I ordered the rest of the sets and a few singles. The quality is amazing. I use so many of these daily, and the little stands they come with are so handy for a compact brush stand that you need to travel with! Definitly a great buy!


These brushes are incredible quality for such a great price. They are basically a steal! I plan on doubling up, and then purchasing a set or two for my kit, once I start school. Definitely a great buy.

So handy!

I love these mirrors! I have a few of the plains ones, plus some of the special edition ones stashed everywhere just in case I need one. They are very handy to carry in your purse, or leave in a desk drawer and I have not once broken one!!


I have a slowly growing addiction to MAC lipsticks. I never really liked lippies until I tried these out and the texture of each type is wonderful, not to mention the cornicopia of shades that they comes in! There is a shade that is perfect for every skin tone!!!

Not worth the money for what I needed.

I splurged on this because it seemed like a great kit to ave everything all in one spot. After a couple months of using it, I found I didn't like the stencils, the brow pencil was much too thick, and the brow wax was a bit too greasy for me personally. It's a great kit, but just ended up not being what I needed.

I LOVE the highlighter though and have been trying to find a simalar product sold seperatly that I can use, because carrying that big box in my kit just for the highlighter and dark brow powder is inconvienent and I don't have a case to depot it into at the moment.

I love this brush!

When I recevied this in the mail, it was actually smaller than I had thought it would be. But after using it a few times, it was so handy! I draw on my brows, and outline them with blended concealer so I need to set it with powder after words. I had been having issues with poking myself in the eye trying to blend the powder into my inner eye when I used my MAC brush, but this was perfect, and is super soft!


I don't even know where to begin. These brushes are just wonderful. I have been working on building my brush kit, and was hunting for brushes that were affordable but worked beautifully. I ended up finding this brand via instagram and placed an ordere asap. I could not believe how when they worked when I first tried them. Even more so, after plenty of washes they are still in perfecting condition! They were a great investment. The contour brush is better than my Sigma contour brush for me personally, and the buffing brush works wonders at blending over done contouring!!

All I can say is wow! <3

Amazing and multi-tasking!

This stuff is amazing. I use it with powders to make liners, I use it ti seal on my brow fill in, and I pat a small bit over shadow and it really helps the shadow stay on during a hot sweaty summery day!

This is so beautifully convenient and pairs beautifully with Sugar Pill piggies to make lovely and electric liners!