Aqua Seal


Emily P.
I'd be lost without this stuff!

Seriously, it's like magic. I use it for so many different things, and a little goes a long way.

I love how convenient it is to just be able to mix a tiny bit of shadow with it, to make an awesome waterproof liner that you can wear subtly, or in a more dramatic manner if you so prefer. I feel like I have an endless rainbow of possibilities at my fingertips, when weilding this product.

It's also quite handy for sealing my drawn on brows, and beauty marks!

Emily P.
Amazing and multi-tasking!

This stuff is amazing. I use it with powders to make liners, I use it ti seal on my brow fill in, and I pat a small bit over shadow and it really helps the shadow stay on during a hot sweaty summery day!

This is so beautifully convenient and pairs beautifully with Sugar Pill piggies to make lovely and electric liners!