Beauty Product Reviews

All of these are amazing, EXCEPT-

Painted Purple. Huge disappointment given how awesome the color is, but the formula just doesn't work out. It just refuses to apply evenly. Tough as Taupe applies a little sheer for my taste, but is otherwise an amazing color.

Wore all night on NYE

My makeup did extremely well all night on NYE, which lasted from 2000-0400. I use an oil-absorbing blotting sheet a few times and barely came away with any oil whatsoever. I was considering getting the mattifying spray instead, but this did the trick AND my face lasted all night.

Amazing, but-

It has one of those textures where it comes out very silky and pear-like as you spread it out. I use this with only a few powders and am extremely happy with it. However, whenever I try to use it with my Clinique foundation, it creases REALLY badly on my laugh lines.

Best I've encountered

This was recommended to me for the waterline, and I find that it goes on super smooth. I do need to re-apply once or twice in a day if I want it to be perfect, but I'm not so bothered by that. The silicone smudge tip is awesome for dragging the product across the lid in a thin, uniform line.


This stuff ended up ALL OVER my eyelid, no matter how careful I was. It came with a small tube of primer, which didn't really do much for me, either. Returned it after a week.