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good product but smells bad

I do think this is a very effective treatment, but unfortunately I will not continue using it because it has a very particular smell that's hard to describe - it's not bad really but I don't like it and can't get past it. If you're sensitive to smells you might not like this.

makes my hair soft

I have been using this for a week or so now because I really can't be bothered to blow dry my hair most days, and I had hoped that this would hold some shape in my hair when it dries since that's what I understood it to do. I tried the twist thing in the product video, and also scrunched curls. Unfortunately I haven't found that this had any effect at all on the shape or style, it's just as straight as it would be if I hadn't used this. Which is a bummer for the price. However, I have noticed that this makes my hair insanely soft and silky, so I am probably not going to buy another one but I'll use the rest of mine as a leave in conditioner.

  • 002
Best Foundation I've Ever Used

I have oily, difficult skin with rosacea and acne, and it's been a *struggle* to find a foundation that works for me - my criteria are that id doesn't seep into pores throughout the day, that it provides full or nearly full coverage, that it doesn't look cakey or thick, and that it doesn't get shiny and oily during the day,

This foundation has lived up to all my expectations and more! I apply it with my fingers, over just moisturizer, and it wears BEAUTIFULLY. It just melts on, feels luxurious to use, and looks gorgeous with almost no effort. It feels weightless and comfortable, and doesn't accentuate pores at all. I also don't find myself touching up at all.

The 002 shade is perfect for my NW15 skin.

Most versatile product <3333

While I LOVE all of these pencils I am reviewing the champagne color specifically because it is the most versatile product in my entire makeup collection I think! Of course, it's a gorgeous eyeliner - it gives a subtle brightness to your eyes which is really gorgeous and not obvious, I use it for work on days when I'm super tired and it makes my eyes look bright and awake! And it doesn't require any touching up either :)

But the real reason I love it so much is that I keep finding new uses for it! I also use it as a brow highlight, just a thin subtle line under the brow, and I notice I always get compliments when I do this. Plus, it also works really well as a nice thin line of highlight along the cupid's bow (the M shape at the top of your lips) - it makes your lip look fuller and is the perfect, no-glitter, highlight.

If you're going to buy one product on your next trip out - I suggest this one!!!

Gorgeous but *very* sparkly!

This blush is so pretty, it applies so easily, isn't sticky or oily after it sets, and doesn't seem to fade at all, even on my oily skin. It's the most gorgeous sunset pink-gold color I've ever seen, I honestly can't think of a dupe for it.

Be careful though - make sure you know what you're getting - it's SUPER sparkly! Like, gold micro-glitter by the ton!

Even still, it's such a perfect color. I wear it in summer, often for evenings spent outside in the warm weather. As the sun sets the light catches the shimmer in the blush, and the color just lights up - it's casual and flirty and so girly, I love it to death. It's just not one you'd probably want to wear to work ;)

shoddy design

I was super psyched about this mascara because I'd heard pretty good reviews, and I did get to use it once, but I can't get an opinion on a product after one use, and though this might be the world's best mascara, it might even be actually better than sex, but who knows - because the packaging is so insanely cheap that it breaks before I could find out!

The second time I went to use the mascara, the internal stopper must have broken because all I got was a giant clump of mascara stuck all around the brush.

No product, no matter how cheap or expensive it is, should be rendered totally unusable by crap packaging after just one use. It's totally inexcusable.

MIRACLE for my oily skin

No joke, before I found this product I was going through entire PACKETS of blotting sheets (which are expensive, btw!) in less than a week. Like two days at work, bam - done with a pack of blotting sheets!

But once I started using this, I don't blot anymore. No really, haven't touched the packets of paper. I just pat this one lightly and blend it out a bit on the areas I feel getting oily, and it's taken care of! I don't know what they make this stuff out of but whatever it is, It's a miracle of science. No powder, blotting sheet, or anything at all has ever done what a few dabs of this powder will do. LOVE LOVE LOVE it, can't live without it!

Perfect light coverage in a hurry

I prefer tinted moisturizers to BB creams because they seem to have better coverage, and I initially liked this one just because it came in a color light enough for my NW15 skin, but I stick with it because I like the way it has the perfect balance of smoothing and blurring skin imperfections without *looking* like you're wearing makeup. It also doesn't break me out, and it holds up to my really oily skin like a champ (though I do have to powder/blot a bit).

It's the perfect choice for a summer evening outside, it's got a soft, satin quality that is just really pretty and light, and sometimes I want to let a blemish or two show through and not look totally painted over.

I docked it a star though because it's not particularly moisturizing. If it were a foundation I wouldn't dock it, but as a tinted *moisturizer* I would it expect it to be more...well, moisturizing.


I absolutely LOVE this foundation. LOVE. I could throw away the rest of the foundations I own and use this forever.

This is a sheer foundation that has a wonderful texture that is a bit thicker than most liquid foundations I've used and that melts into the skin in such a way that it looks extremely natural.

Even though it's called sheer though, and it's definitely not full coverage, it beautifully softens the skin's natural texture and gives a very flawless look without looking like you've got the fake plastic face a lot of full coverage foundations will give you. It doesn't cover real blemishes though, but a few dabs of concealer will take care of that.

What I love most about this foundation is the soft, satin look it gives you, and the staying power. I live in an area that frequently hits 110* or more in the summer, and I have very oily skin, and where most foundations would just melt off halfway through the day (or sooner), this holds up perfectly with just occasional blotting. It doesn't make me *more* oily by any means, and a lot of foundations do!

The last thing I want to say about this foundation is that even without a primer, it DOESN'T OXIDIZE! SO many high-end ones do, even with all the primer in the world - by the time I get to work and look in the mirror, I'm pink :( But with this one, it keeps its color all day no matter how oily I get, and for that alone, I'm never using anything else.

As a final detail, be careful selecting a color, and try it on in person if you can. I have extremely pale skin (MAC NW10) with strong pink undertones, and Trench 1 is wayyyyyyy too pink for me. It's extremely pink. I ended up with Trench 2, so keep that in mind if you're like me and just automatically select the shade listed as the lightest.

Stunning color but the wear isn't great

First let me say, the color of this shadow is just gorgeous. I've never seen anything like it - it's gorgeous either as a highlighter or as an eyeshadow, and I used it as just an all over color on my eyes when I was in a rush to get out the door.

The problem with the shadow though is that unlike most other cream shadows I've used, this doesn't seem to ever dry down or set. So it's slick throughout the day, meaning it slides around, smears, and creases pretty badly. I haven't decided yet if the beauty outweighs the problems, but I do know the bad wear is a real bummer for something so pretty.

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