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Ashley  K.

These are so good! I bought seduce first, I love how sheer or pigmented you can make these. They adhere to the skin in a really “natural” (skin like finish, not dry, not patchy, but like your natural oils) way. I then bought solar so I could blend it into seduce and it gives a depth like nothing else. I love them alone or on their own. They do slightly crease but! They last for hours and hours. As they wear I think they become even more beautiful.

Stephanie S.
Perfect Undone Look

I simply adore this product for my day-to-day routine - I own it in Lunar, Magnetic, and Myth. For me, these three colors are perfect for an undone/no-fuss eye look. I have also used Colourpop Super Shock Shadows with them for dramatic results. While a tad expensive, I have had the pots for a few months now and have yet to make a dent in them. Unlike some other users, I have had no issues with creasing or color payoff. However, this might be due to how my skin is more dry than oily.

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Turd  F.
Literally coconut oil with shimmer

This entire line is made with coconut oil, so don't expect this to wear for any length of time. Plus coconut oil is comdeogenic, which means it breaks you out.

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Teri A.
Smoky Eye Staple

I had been on the hunt for a messy cream black shadow and this fits the bill. Karma is a deep shade of black mixed in with a beautiful oily roasted coffee bean. The combo makes it easier to get away with and it has a multifaceted sort of color shift in the light. Longevity is weak, pack this baby in your wristlet for touch ups. It will crease. And, it kind of moves around. With that said. all of the above work very well if you are going for that devil may care, I just rolled out of bed look. The best part is actually layering it under shimmery or mineral type shadows. The color makes for a gorgeous priming base and sets the stage for the most gorgeous smoky eye of your life.

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Jamie P.
You need to know what you're getting into before you purchase
Photo of product included with review by Jamie P.

I used this product in Karma along with the rms beauty Contour Bronze to create a glossy lid look for my blog. It helped create the glossy, sooty, creasy, undone eye look that I was going for at the time. The shine was unreal! However, I would never use this for anything but that and do not plan on purchasing this product in any other shades. I already know I won't be able to use it all up before it expires (not that I ever use up my makeup...).

If you want that lived in eye look this product is perfect, but if you're expecting a cream eyeshadow that performs like the Tom Ford or Charlotte Tilbury you will be sorely disappointed.

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Susen F.

I've been obsessed with cream products lately, and I prefer clean ingredients, so I decided to give the rms cream eyeshadow a try. It's quite solid in the jar, but it's still easy to apply without tugging at the delicate eye area. Highly pigmented with an almost 'wet' sheen that really lights up my eyes. I wear it on top of an eye primer and don't have any problems with creasing, even after 10 hours of wear. It can be a one-&-done eye shadow, or you can create a complete look by deepening the crease and outer eye. I also love the glass packaging. A little goes a long way, so you actually get a fair amount of product for the money. I'll be ordering more colours!!!

Madeline W.
creasy mess

I was so excited to try this because I love the rms living luminizer and I thought this product would give me that "glossy" eye look. it did, but creased in two minutes. i used a primer, set with translucent powder, and it still was a mess. granted, having glossy eyes won't stay on but I returned this product because I could not make it work.

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Donna N.
Not The Best

I wanted to love anything natural and RMS, but this eye shadow has no pigment and no polish. Not a good choice for a pot shadow.

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Bigtime S.
LOVE this shade & First Time with RMS shadows

OK, well I saw this shade in some video on YouTube and fell in LOVE with the color. I found it on Beautylish's site, whereas no one else had it. I read the reviews and saw it was either loved or not so much. I tried it on me, and unfortunately it does not stay put. It disappears and it creases a lot. I knew this could be a problem going in , but was so drawn to the shade I went for it anyway. The problem is the formulation with coconut oil, which is hydrating, but will dissipate. Maybe a different darker color would hold up, but I doubt it. Sorry, wanted to love it.

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Allie K.
The color is fantastic, but use with care

First impression: Absolutely gorgeous color payoff. I can tap this on my eyelid with a fingertip and blend into the crease with a soft brush, and I'm good to go for the day.

HOWEVER: Before I purchased this, I read through both the description on Beautylish and the description on rms's website.

rms's website has some dire warnings not to use this eye polish with any other moisturizers or products, but I must say that I've used it very successfully applying Urban Decay's original eye primer first. I think this keeps the eye polish from slipping around, especially since one of the main ingredients is coconut oil.

I also suspect that I might have an easier time with this eye polish, since I have very dry skin--I'm not sure how someone with very oily eyelids would do with this.

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