Beauty Product Reviews

yay im so glad this got added

I really love this lipgloss. Just like any other lipgloss from e.l.f. It's great. Not sticky at all and the sparkles are fantastic. SO MUCH GLITTER <3. But its not gritty.

Awesome Price, Awesome Eye Shadows

I love all the Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palettes. I'm pretty sure I own all of them but a few. The colors are almost always extremely pigmented. The colors in the palettes always have a wide variety of colors to make several different eye looks.

You can't beat the price for how good of quality these eye shadows are!


I love these gel-liners. Once they dry they DO NOT smudge. They last all day long. I also like doubling these as eye shadows or eye shadow bases. They work very well for any look :).


This product is awesome! When ever I'm looking for a setting powder I always tend to grab for this. It goes on very smooth and makes your face very soft. It also has ingredients that help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. All the ingredients are very healthy for your skin.

You can also build this product up to be more full-coverage because of it's creamy consistency.

Perfect for a quick look

I love this Palette for a quick and easy neutral eye. You can also darken it up and make it into a nice smokey eye bye using the dark grey in the palette. I love that the whole palette is matte, it gives off a very professional and natural look.


When I first started REALLY getting into makeup I decided to buy this. I've had my palette for about 2-3 years now. I still use the shadows quite frequently. Most of the shadows have great pigmentation. I would recommend using a primer and a base (nyx jumbo eye pencil) to make the colors stick more. Because the shadows don't have great lasting power.

But other than that this is a GREAT choice for any beginner to add to their makeup collection.

Over rated.

This is an okay mascara. At first I really liked it. But it's not so special that I would keep repurchasing. Plus the company tests on animals which adds even more of a negative to the product. I think I would like this product more if I didn't feel so guilty about using it.

Must Have

This is a must have for anyone who wears make up. Whether or not your a beginner or advanced at makeup. I use this product everyday. Up front $18 dollars is a little pricey. But the great thing is a little goes a long way. I've had mine for about a year and half and use it every time I apply make up. Although I am due for a new one in a couple of weeks.

Two faced eyeshadow insurance does a great job at priming your lids for your shadows to stick and stay all day long. It prevents your eyelids from becoming oily so your makeup doesn't crease.

Love <3 <3

Cheaper and Better options now

I do really like OPI's shatter. But now that shatter nail polish has become so trendy there's a lot more affordable and in my opinion better options. OPI shatter tends to go on very thick and "goopy".