Studio Glitter Gloss

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Shannon T.
Glittery, VERY Glittery!

I got this in Twinkle Pink (so not true to the one online) along with 2 other Glossy Glosses and am also happy with it. I know it's gritty and the glitters are chunky but I don't always rub my lips together unless I accidentally did. Overall, I love how the Glitter Gloss helps bring some color onto my lips and how the glitter does its job. However, be very careful when you wipe your mouth/lips after meals - glitter WILL smear all over your face by accident.

Sarah R.
yay im so glad this got added

I really love this lipgloss. Just like any other lipgloss from e.l.f. It's great. Not sticky at all and the sparkles are fantastic. SO MUCH GLITTER <3. But its not gritty.