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Intense Pigment and Range of Color

I love the intense pigments and the fact at times one coat is great enough, which is rare when it comes to nail polish. I would recommend Cult Nail Polish!

I'd recommend this product

I've used this product on & off for some time now. It has a smooth blend to it, like a gel that dries in a smooth powder silky finish. The key is to just use a little bit of this product because it does have quite a bit of silicone in it. Great for individuals with dry skin, and can be used as a stand only product. I would recommend this product and if you’re still unsure, try a sample of it first.

A Must Have!

I used this product right before I touch any eyeshadow, and the great thing the eyeshadow doesn't have to be MAC, it works the same on any shadow giving you a more bright and vivid color. This is a must have product for me!

I wear this all the time, and read why!

If you have oily eye lids and ur makeup tend to cease by mid day with Too Faced Shadow Insurance that problem will be no more. By 1 or 2pm my eye makeup ceased and looked so oily, but ever since I started using this product my eye makeup can last all day with maybe a touch at night if need be! After moisturizing, this is my next go to product before I apply a base. Trust me you'll love it.

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Love this pallette to the core!

I remember when I brought this palette, and I fell in love with how highly pigmented the colors are. I ran thru Fishnet (pink) I loved it so much, it was and is my go to pink. I would definitely recommend this palette if you like bold color and you want them to stand out!

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A must have in any collection!

I have so many different colors and I use them as a base under my makeup and I love the effect they provide to the look that I'm trying to to create. I would recommend this product to anyone just starting out and trust me you'll always have it in ur collection!

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Great Nail Art Polishes & Brushes

I love the quality of the Art Deco polishes and their very inexpensive you can actually purchase them at the $.99 store not a bad deal especially for those of us who uses this product like crazy. Check out my YT channel <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a> enjoy and say hello!

This is a must have!

I read about this product a while ago and have been hunting it down ever since. I finally found it about a week ago at Ultra and I love it. I'm currently doing a review on <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a> Matte About You, instinctly dries into a matte finish on any gloss polish. I even tried it on my high gloss polishes and it does the job. And I have a huge nail polish collection, check out the video under my profile!

Drying ur Nails Fast With this!

Love this product, I first noticed nail salon using them, and then my friend brought me a huge bottle. For women on the go that multitask like me and have no time to wait for your polish to dry than this is a life saver. OPI Drip Dry, I live by this product!

The Coolest Polish Treatment in a long time!

I brought both Trafalgar Square (the chrome), Houses of Parliament (the purple) from Sephora for $16 each. I hunted these polish down until I could find them and did a youtube video on them too <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a>

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