Matte About You Matte Finisher

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Lindsey W.
Love it!!

This is such a fantastic product. It can completely change the flavor of polishes you already own - I love how it works over any polish and any color. At $10, the price was a little steep, but for what it does I'd definitely buy it again!

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Alyssa S.
Quite possibly the BEST matte topcoat on the market.

I love this topcoat! I have used the matte magic by china glaze (which is now discontinued) and i was very unimpressed. My last bottle of CG matte magic dried up in the bottle before i had the chance to use it all.. I wasn't happy. The Essie matte about you is amazing. It's fast drying and is reasonably priced.

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Kalynn K.

I was so excited when I saw this product in a store because I have seen photos with it. I applied my nail polish on and then I apply the matte coat, replacing my top coat, and it looks really matte! Even if you end up putting on a glossy top coat and decide to mattify it, you can!

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Alisha b.
I love anything by Essie...

I have to admit I'm biased; this is the only matte top coat I've tried but I love it. You can really build up the intensity of the 'mattress' by building up the coats. It does chip faster than glossy top coats I find which kind of sucks. does anyone know if all matte top coats do that?

Chelsea S.

This, i think is one of the best things that i have in my nail polish collation because now i don't have to o out and buy a bunch of matte nail polishes, i have this one top coat that i can use with all of the nail polishes that i already have! :) when you first put the top coat on, don't panic! it will be shiny but once you give it time to dry it will have a beautiful matte finish! :)

Abby N.
Gorgeous and unique finish

I tried using OPI's Nail Envy Matte Coat, and it was terrible partly due to the fact that it's supposed to be a base coat. I was reading some nail blogs and most of them recommended Essie's Matte About You.A comparison with OPI suggests that it 'mattifies' the nail color more and leaves a smooth finish.

Vivian L.
Matte nails are love!

And Essie's Matte About You is the perfect addition to your nail polish collection. This bottle literally gives you a whole new range of shades to play with. I love how it's so easy to swipe on, and it dries fast. Give it a couple of seconds and the milky coat turns your glossy coat into matte.

The only downside is that you have to make sure you get every single bit of your nail with the liquid or the shiny parts will show through very apparently.

I find this whole matte look works better with darker colors, like grays, blues, reds and black. Gives a very chic, understated feel to your fingers.

Linda D.
Photo of product included with review by Linda D.

I am in LOVE with this top coat.

Dries extremely fast so I don't have to worry about drying time. I love that I can go from gloss to matte in just a few seconds. I purchased this on Hautelook for just about 3 dollars. In stores I know it retails for 11 dollars. It is a bit pricey but I honestly think it is completely worth every penny. Matte polishes are great but why purchase individual colors when you can go matte with all colors!

Matte french tip I did a while back. Chic but still glam.

Lauren C.

I love this product. My nails look really cool after using this product. I am definitely a fan of it. However you have to be very careful because it could crease or make prints into the nails that you don’t want to be there. It is a great effect to the nails, I really like it!

Amanda C.
Yes! Matte!!

I love the Matte Nail trend and if u love it, You def need this in your collection. Goes on smoothly and dries super fast. One thing i did notice that if u rub on the polish or it gets crazy oily that it does take the matte finish away a lil but good otherwise