Beauty Product Reviews


I use Studiofinish as my everyday concealer. It gives such great, full coverage without looking fake or cakey. This BANISHES acne scars, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, and other imperfections. I find that this is particularly long wearing, as long as you set it with a powder. I recommend using a transcluscent powder, since the concealer is already full coverage, but whatever floats your boat. ^_^ This concealer applies effortlessly with any brush, but 100% prefer to use my fingers. Also, PLEASE be careful if you have aged skin, as this concealer may settle into fine lines underneath your eyes.

Long lasting, pigmented, glowy

This product is the EXACT thing to buy if you want a beautiful shimmering glow added to your face. It retails for $23.00 in the US, but is well worth the price! This iridescent powder will catch in the sunlight and make your face look glowy and healthy. Silver dusk is my go-to highlighter for everyday because I can apply it subtly along my cheekbones and my bridge of my nose without looking like a disco ball. Of course for those nights out, you can build this up and look very juicy. ;) It lasts all day on my skin and stays PUT. By the end of the day, the shimmer will only be where I put it. Other powder highlighters I have tried end up smudging all over my face. Not with Silver Dusk. Some people complain that it IS a little too shimmery for them. So I would HIGHLY recommend trying it out in a store or counter before making your purchase. I will definitely be repurchasing this loose iridiscent powder again.

Medium-Full coverage, creamy, satin finish, feels light, blends well

When I first heard about this foundation being $42, I immediately tried to put it out of my mind to try it. After watching many people rave about this and how great it looked on them, I finally caved and got it with the help of a few Sephora gift cards. ;) My first reactions to applying this product to my skin was: WOW, it's extremely concentrated and you only need a little amount to go on your entire face. It gives fantastic coverage while feeling silky smooth and looking natural. It blends super nicely into my skin and doesn't set into my skin too quickly. Since I have oily skin, I did set it with a powder. Without a powder, I would look too dewy for my liking. The longevity of this foundation is outstanding. Although it lasts a long time on my skin, my greasy face gets oily around the third hour of wearing this foundation. I do not mind powdering my face every few hours because the foundation makes my skin look so flawless. I still do use my MAC studio finish concealer with this foundation (just because I like a flawless face). I haven't had any breakouts with this foundation. Highly recommended -- unless you have oily skin and don't want to re-powder your face throughout the day.

Smooth, pigmented, cheap, glossy finish

I find that with this lipstick BY ITSELF, it tends to bleed a little. Despite this, it's extremely pigmented, bright, and beautiful. It is smooth and has a slightly shiny finish to my lips. It looks stunning with a hot red gloss over the top of it. Lasting power is mediocre. :/ But I am fine with bringing this little tube in my pocket to reapply!