Beauty Product Reviews


The texture is nice, its soft and easily blendable and is great for oily skin like mine leaving a nice matte finish, its light-medium coverage, is buildable but only a little bit it can look cakey if you use to much, the colour range I feel like is really good, it lasts around 3-5 hours more likely in the 3 hour bracket. But I don't need to use powder after and I don't get oily throughout the day when wearing this foundation.


These are so so so worth the hype I own four colours, cupcake, macaroon, creme brulee and tutti fruitti and I love them all. Cupcake is a cool toned pink, Macaroon is a dark red with golden and fuschia undertones (confusing I know) and its warm toned, Creme brulee is a golden warm toned nude and tutti fruitti is a red, coral, orange-y colour, they are all sheer and moisturizing but can be built up to have amazing colour pay off the packaging is super cute and the shade range is great and suits every ones prefrences pretty much and cupcake is a dupe for MAC angel! These are so worth the £7.99 price tag and the hefty hype, the live up to there name of lip butters as they are really soft sort of like butter, they have a scent but not at all overpowering and its a pleasant smell, they are like the middle ground between lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss! Perfect and my favorite lip product!

Worth The Hype

I only own one of these but I already have plans to buy two other colours, they could also be a great gel eyeliner, which I haven't tried yet but I want to, I feel like you need to after get the product on your fingers (which I find best with cream eyeshadows) you need to warm it between two fingers and then you can get an even amount of colour on your lids, they are kind of hard, they are the same as a gel eyeliner in the pot but once warmed up in your fingers as explained above the cream eyeshadow side comes into play, if I don't warm it up between my fingers the spot where I first put it is a dark unblendable spot on my eyelid and the rest it a subtle wash of colour but I love these and they last well, a primer doesn't make any difference on lasting power as these are kind of like bases anyway.

Pretty Good

I purchased this as another 'believe the hype' buy, and I can't say I regret it, I got it in waterproof and it won't be running down your face or under your lashes any time soon, I hate and I mean hate using it on my lower lashes, and this literally is completely different from one person to another, I like it and my friend finds it super clumpy and un useable, I found out after it had run out that I had been using the wand not how people get there best results but as I used it I still liked the way I was using it, your supposed to use the curve to push up your lashes, I was like fitting the wand to my lash like an eyelash curler, and then applying, I definitely suggest the way your supposed to do it. However this is the one of the least volumising mascara I have ever used and unfortunatley thats what makes me truly love a mascara, it wasn't completley void of the volumising trait but it really didn't do much in that department, I love the flexible wand and lengthining but it can be quite clumpy and not very volumising and I won't repurchase which isn't saying much as I never repurchase a mascara (I like to mix it up)

Amazing for oily skin!

I bought this powder after seeing all the hypes and for only £3.99 I thought why not give it a try, I own the shade transparent which is literally a colourless powder, recently I have had very dry skin as when my sensitive skin reacts to something it dries out, and this powder clings to dry patches making them look cakey so I don't suggest this at all for dry skin but normal-oily this is so amazing, depending on the look your going for your face can look glowy and dewy with this powder or have a matte finish so totally adaptable to whatever look you want obviously depending on how much you apply, also if you drop it it won't smash (well mine didn't when I dropped it on concrete)


This is actually very very good, I purchased it after I was sent it and I wasn't sent it for reviewing I was sent it from one of those samples you can request. I love it the coverage is good for a bb cream, it isn't greasy and last pretty well on my oily skin!


These are £12 here in the UK for the single pots of eyeshadow and I have the shade Sable, I love the colour and it compliments blue/grey eyes like mine, its a kind of dull bronze colour, but its still so stunning, when its on the eyes it is quite bold but blends easily, it looks gorgeous on the outer half and crease however I think I could find an eyeshadow just as good in the drugstore in texture and application etc but colour wise its gorgeous

Pretty Great

I got this with my naked palette in travel size, I love the old packaging its so cute and I do like the doe foot applicator I think its easy to use, I have extremley oily eyelids, eyeshadow will usually only last about two hours or maybe three on my eyes and this gives me an extra hour at least but no more than one and a half hours extra, it creases a little but I love the original shade as it is a nice way to cover any discolouration I have on my eyelids!


I do not own many high end products at all so I know that you need to know whether its worth the money before you dish out £36.00 +, but seriously you should believe the hype, its all true, if you love warm toned eyeshadows you will love this palette, they are pigmented and last quite a long time even on my extremley oily eyelids although thats probably down to eye primer. If you can't find anywhere to buy it in stores or you wanna see it in person go to debenhams as the people are really helpful and they offered to do an eye makeup look on me with this asking my my favorite looking shades :D