Beauty Product Reviews

Best for those on a budget

I think for a drugstore budget, these are a must have. I bought Lust and Vanity and do like both, though some of the browns in Vanity pull yellow on me. I think these are ones I reach for when I can't think of what to do or just want a reliable shadow.

HG Worthy

This is one my the few HG hair products. I haven't used it in a few months, but plan to repurchase soon. I've probably purchased this product well over ten months. Why? Because it does what it says. It does improve your hair in a short amount of time.

Best Applicator

I love this mascara for its non clumping formula and applicator. I used this mascara practically every day for three months and never once had to comb my lashes for clumps.

The only thing I'd recommend is going with black for extended looking lashes. I went with black/brown and they didn't look as long as if i had went with blacak

I love MAC lipsticks! The price for those in the permanent collection make them practically comparable to full-priced drugstore lipsticks. I have MAC lipsticks in Angela and Viva Glam V. Though I have many other brands, I always reach for these time after time. I love the application and finish as well as packaging and quality.

A good place to start

When I first started using this product, I was in love! I noticed how it helped my shadows and made them more vibrant. However, over time, I've gotten a bit bored with it. Also, I'm not a huge fan of the new packaging.

I think the next primer I'm going to buy is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Must Have!

I think this is one of the be all end all neutral eye palettes. If you had only this, you'd probably be good to go for awhile before branching out.

That being said, I've been using it for 11 months and am a bit exhausted with it and find myself picking it up less and less. Even still, I do reach for it when doing neutral eyes.

Dewey or Glitterbomb

I bought this product because I had so many coupons for CVS that it was practically free. At first I really liked it and think it works okay in soft or indoor lighting. However, under bright lights, flash or bright natural light it's a glitterbomb. The glitter is really fine and you almost can't see it unless you look for it.

I've also noticed that the dewey look that the glitter gives off also might come across as oily looking.

It's a shame because I do like the texture and medium to full coverage of this foundation. I wouldn't give it a totally bad rating because I think it could be a good fit IF you like dewey or glittery foundations.

Cheap, Easy to Find but Iffy Quality

If you are just starting out with lipstick, I think these are an okay place to start considering the cost. Buying one or two may be a good idea, but don’t buy more than 5. I bought close to 15, and looking back I should have bought one and invested the rest in better quality lipstick.

Overall, for what it is, I would suggest trying out this product at least once especially if you want to try a new color.

I have a longer post on this here:

Good, but doesn't hold up to frequent use

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush and have used it nearly everyday since July. It buffs foundation beautifully, applies setting powder, blends blush and contours. What else can a girl ask for?

My one gripe with it: It doesn't hold up to everyday use. The brush came loose from the handle within a month and I now have to use duct tape to hold it together properly. Not great, but it is only $3 after all.

If they fixed the falling apart issue, I would give it 5 stars.