Beauty Product Reviews

Love it!!!

I originally got this for the brow gel, but I'm super impressed with the lash side! When used over a mascara it separates, lengthens, and makes them darker :) For only a dollar I'm super happy with the quality. I recommended this to my friend who wants to try a brow tamer. On days when I dont feel like wearing makeup, I use this and I feel so groomed!

"Nearly Nude"? more like WHITE

The color on the packaging is totally wrong. When applied the color came out pale and chalky looking. If your lips aren't moisturized, it makes them look cracked and old. I found that the best use for this pale color is to use it as a base for applying other colors/glosses. It looks wonderful when applied under a gloss so I'm not completely disappointed. I would like to try a darker color.

First concealer ever bought!

This is my first time trying a concealer so I figured I buy a cheap one. This was only a dollar and I'm actually impressed. It covers my dark circles and blemishes well, and the formula is buildable. It completely blends with my skintone and you can't even tell when I'm wearing it. The smell is incredible for a concealer! Reminds me of pink lemonade :) It also gives a nice little tingle when applied.

Can't live without it!

If I don't have this, I don't wear makeup. Simple as that. This stuff is cheap and works wonders! It even takes off waterproof mascara and eyeliner like a charm. I prefer to use it with baby wipes and a little goes a long way. One bottle will last me a super long time even if I use makeup everyday! If you're looking for a cheap makeup remover, this is the perfect bang for your buck :) Out of all the makeup removers I've tried, this is the best.

AWESOME wet or dry!!

It's a little on the expensive side for a drugstore brand, but I love the staying power. I use it without a base and it still lasts all day! The colors are lovely, and you can create lots of looks with this palette. I mainly like to use them wet because the color pops better, but it's good either way :)

Best Mascara of 2011

I didn't like this mascara at first but over time it has become one of my favorites! The formula wasn't dry enough in the beginning but once I used it for a while, it started working better :) I like how you can build it up from natural looking to glamorous. It gives you length, volume, and separation. ANDD I got mine on sale for 5 dollars! I personally liked the washable version better than the waterproof.

Not what I expected...

There's all this hype behind this product, but it's something I could personally live without. I'm a lip balm junkie and for the price, it's not really worth it. I'm always on the look for something that will instantly hydrate my lips and this didn't do the trick. You want a good lip treatment go for something like "softlips" or "chapstick". Not impressed.


This has to be my all time favorite brush! I use it with every look I do. It's blends like a dream, it's the perfect size, and it's only one DOLLAR! I have small eyes but it still fits perfectly into my crease and outer corner. I've created full looks using just this brush!

Highly pigmented!

I wasn't expecting much for this product being so cheap, but I was pleasantly suprised! The bronzer side you have to be careful of because it can look too muddy if you apply too much and the blush side was a pretty pink color. I'm fair so it makes me look glowy and healthy like the product says :)

Goes on smooth, long wearing, true to it's color

I got this eyeliner from a friend and was a little weary at first because I don't usually use pencil type liners (for my upper lashline). When I tried it, it was suprisingly good! It didn't smudge, it was super black, and stayed on all day!

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