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I need all the colors =P

Love my Lip Tars!!! They last a very long time, Very pigmented!!! Seriously I only used a tiny bit and it covered my lips ENTIRELY, and the color was very opaque. I find that I need to exfoliate my lips and mosturize before applying otherwise it seems to migrate to the inside part of my lips. But I exfoliate and let the moisturizer sit on my lips while I do the rest of my face then do my lips last. The lip tar lasts ALL DAY with very, very minimal (sometimes not at all) need to touch up. Definitely would recommened!!! =)

I like it. I use this to refresh my makeup, and the cool mist refreshes me as well on a hot day. I love the scent. It's a very nice pick me up =)

Very Metallic

I love this product. A little goes a long way!!! It is a very chunky metallic pigment that goes on smoothly and blends well. Start with a little and build your color. Much easier to add on than to take away (believe me lol)

Super Moisturizing!!!

I don't use this as a massage bar. I work in the medical field and CONSTANTLY have to wash my hands. So I keep this in my desk at work in the Lush tin that i bought for it. Much better than using lotion, I find that my hands are much softer than they ever were before I started using this. The smell of it is a nice refreshing pick me up for the days that drag as well =)


The best eyeshadows ever!!! Very pigmented, and very blendable. They have a wide variety of colors and finishes. I love that you can customize your own palette with the colors of your choice

Perfect lip color

I love these!!! Like a cross between a lipstick and a lip gloss. It's a matte finish, not drying at all. They are super pigmented, and I find the color to be pretty true to what you see in the packaging. The color lasted a fairly long time. I would definitely recommend these.


I absolutely love this palette!! I use it almost every single day. It can be used for all kinds of looks such as a neutral eye, smokey look. I have even used it when I'm doing a look with bright colors to add more dimension. And it was the perfect palette to take with me on a recent business trip I went on. I even got a coworker that went on the trip wanting one =D

It was okay for me

Although it is a great primer, and doesn't crease on me at all I don't like how the product separates in the tube. I squeeze a bit out on my finger and a little oil comes out before the actual product. I always have to need the tube with my fingers before dispensing.


I love this liner! I like how the base is colored so it enhances the color of the glitter in it. Love how you can get a precise line with the brush and the brush is not too stiff. I need to get all the colors =)

Best Ever!!!

My fave balm of all time!!! Super moisturizing, I'm never without mine. Heals chapped lips quick =) Love the mint cuz it gives your lips a nice refreshing minty feeling and flavor.

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