Each Peach Massage Bar

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Christine B.
Really Awesome!

I really like this Lush product! It smells so great and I love what it does my skin. It's super moisturizing and amazing! This is one of my favorite moisturizers.

Latia C.

I think this was the first massage bar I purchased from LUSH and I instantly fell in love. The smell of this is amazing and it moisturizes my skin so well and makes it feel so lovely. As with all LUSH products, I'm slowly converting my family and friends onto this because it will wake you up (especially in the morning) with its fruity scent and it is a nice product to have. Remember, massage bars are meant to be shared *wink*. Haha, share it with a significant other for an energizing and refreshing massage.

Side note: The meaning behind this massage bar is so cute and funny. I feel like any frequent LUSH buyer would know this, especially if you read through the LUSH times haha.

michaela s.
Lovely and Lemoney

I really love this, im a big fan of everything from Lush and this is one thing i could use over and over again. I get quite dry arms and legs so putting this on them after i've had a shower keeps them moisturised for ages and it comes in the tin which means you can put it somewhere without it getting stuck to anything or melt. The smell is lovely as well, not to strong and overpowering but just right.

Theresa G.
Great for the morning
Theresa G.'s Review Image

This massage bar is GREAT to use in the morning it has a fresh, citris, relaxing smell to it. Keeps your skin moisturized through out the day. Just like all Lush massage bars they are great for dry skin.

Elle A.

Absolutely in love with this massage bar. I use this after shaving to get rid of any red bumps and it works miracles! Leaves skin with a really cool glowy look. Perfect for summer but I plan on using it in the winter too. The lemony scent is really refreshing too.

Ashlee G.

I love this ! The smell is heavenly, It does not smell like peaches like you would expect. Lemon Freshness should be it's name. It smells of pure citrus but is calm at the same time.

Lily L.
Super Moisturizing!!!

I don't use this as a massage bar. I work in the medical field and CONSTANTLY have to wash my hands. So I keep this in my desk at work in the Lush tin that i bought for it. Much better than using lotion, I find that my hands are much softer than they ever were before I started using this. The smell of it is a nice refreshing pick me up for the days that drag as well =)

omg, the scent is AMAZING! it has the most delicious sweet citrusy scent, incredibly addictive. amazing moisturizer too, I just use this as a straight up regular moisturizer, like a body butter, right out of a shower. the butters are pretty heavy so you can't really do anything other than walk around in your birthday suit while waiting for it to absorb, but it is great for serious, heavy duty moisturizing.

Marian M.
My Personal Favorite

Each Peach is simply gorgeous. I love citrus smells to wake me up in the morning and get me ready for my day. I use it primarily after I have dried off from the shower as a lotion. The bar keeps my legs so soft for days and when I shave, the oils that are already on my skin make my legs even softer. The ONLY problem I have found with this product is that it IS a massage bar with oils and you definitely cannot just let it sit on your skin. Otherwise, you'll stick to everything and feel slimey. I recommned using baby powder or a lush dusting powder to soak up the excess oils (my favorite is Lush's Silky Underwear! It adds a hint of jasmine to my citus scent.)

Ana P.
My go to moisturizer

It feels like velvet. It is a bit greasy but it feels and smells amazing. Use it once a day and you're good to go.

Because the lemony scent is a bit strong, don't get me wrong I love it and I find it relaxing, I do not use this moisturizer in the morning as I would feel like it competes with the perfume.

My skin has never felt so amazing.